Angry Birds Frenemies Assemble (film d'animation CGI de 2021)

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Angry Birds Frenemies Assemble est un film d'animation CGI 2021 distribué par Sony Pictures Releasing aux côtés de Rovio Entertaiment. Le film est une suite de The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) et sortira en salles le 25 juillet 2021 aux États-Unis et le 13 août 2021 au Royaume-Uni


Le film a été annoncé le 15 novembre 2019 après le succès du deuxième film qui a reçu de très bonnes critiques et critiques, le film s'intitulait auparavant The Angry Birds Movie 3, mais le traitement de l'idée a changé le nom du film en Angry Birds Frenemies Assemble.


Moments after the second movie events the hatchlings use a boat to reach their newly born sisters they found and grab them to take them home then they go home and bring them to their parents (Matilda and Terence) who agree them for saving the sisters for escaping meanwhile everything on Bird Island was bigger more places, more systems and new habitants (pigs and eagles) while Red is protecting the island for any other treat to invade them then Courtney starts feeling something weird to the ground it feeled like a new boat but this time we're some kind of jazz birds who hate them one jazz bird named Lisa was meh for them he then laughed and throwed a big cannonball at Bird Island, Red realizes about that and tells Leonard to see that alongside Chuck, Bomb and Silver the jazz birds think of destroy the entire island then it was revealed Tony was their leader then he was braking Bird Island slingshots system with Eletric Cannon Balls then the birds and pigs sees the slingshots destroyed meanwhile the jazz birds go to their island in their ship after that the birds also realizes that Eagle Mountain was fully destroyed by the electric cannonballs they start crying but then Red and the gang see a boat coming thinking it was those jazz birds it was revealed that were Tiffany and her Colorful Island gang then the gang meets them Red then sees that a cannonball was coming all the way to the island again so they have to make a team again the original team gang was in but Red let the Colorful Island gang join too by making a super better team then the plan starts they are in the Piggy Gadget Lab while showing the plan, the plan was to go to their land or base and destroy the super cannonball which destroys the entire island Red tells them to evacuate to Piggy Island everyone then goes to Piggy Island then the submarine was ready to take off again while reaching the gang were testing new projects such as the super speed that make them run like Chuck does then they got ready then the jazz birds came out and saw them and they were angry at them so their leader decided to cook them but Red and Tiffany escaped while the others got roped and hanged into a cooking lava bowl the others cried before dying but Tiffany have an idea he was going to use her paintbrush and slash the rope then it will open letting them escape then Red accepts the plan so Red use Tiffany's paintbrush and throwed it as a cap to slash the rope out then everyone could escape but silver was doubled roped so Red jumped and enter inside the rope he then tells Silver that he will save her so Red ties down the rope but the rope cuted and they were failing into the cooking lava bowl together they use their crying energy to make a ultra-jump forcing them to crash the super cannonball and destroy it, it was good but the jazz birds got them but Red kicked one of them butt forcing the others to ultra attack they use the speed shoes each so they can slash the weapon fast then the weapon destroyed and everyone could escape but unfortunaly Lisa and Tony got them trapped in a mouse trap type cage Red then uses his fearless and love power to destroy the mouse trap and the entire place after that Tony and Lisa got defeated and them everyone celebrates until Silver proposed Red to marry her then Red thinks he's the love he was looking for and then the third weeding in Bird Island happened with Red and Silver marrying and the other happily about them then Chuck cries about her sister being Red's now and everyone then celebrates with another party then Red and Silver (now married) hugged and they happily ended after with everyone telling Red is the best guy ever in Bird Island making it a end to the franchise meanwhile in a post-credit scene taking place at night time King Smoothcheeks sees the eggs and then calls all the pigs to stole them but they were busy sleeping in Bird Island so their own pigs stole the birds eggs putting them in a pan to cook them then Red, Bomb and Chuck and Silver realizes of that so they headbutt them for three seconds but they keep up going on meanwhile the entire gang go throw intp the slingshot to got to their island and destroy those piggies the movie ends with a recreation of the Angry Birds 2 old loading screen with the text "THE END" with all the gang then they fly away and the movie ends with a black screen leading to the original Angry Birds released on December 11 2009

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