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First apparition The Angry Birds Movie 2
Power Super intelligence
Gender Female
Size Alto
Scope None

Zeta She is a main antagonist in Angry Birds 2: The Movie, being Debbie's mother and Mighty Eagle's wife. He temporarily appeared in Angry Birds 2, POP !, Blast! and Friends, to promote the film. In the original dubbing it is voiced by Leslie Jones.

She is the ruling eagle of Isla Aguila, wanting to destroy Isla Pajaro and Isla Cerdito to make them her "paradise" and to take revenge on Mighty Eagle, who was her boyfriend, but on her wedding day, he abandoned him.

For this, she threw giant ice balls to these islands, alerting all the Birds and Pigs, which make alliances to stop her. They infiltrate her island and then her base where they try to stop her.

Finally Powerful Eagle arrives at Isla Aguila where he forgives her and convinces her not to destroy the islands of Pig and Bird. These then complete their wedding on Isla Pajaro, where so many birds, pigs and eagles attend.


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  • 4 History
    • 4.1 Youth in the 90's
    • 4.2 His life after Ethan ran away
    • 4.3 Pig Discovery of Zeta
    • 4.4 Catching the infiltrators
    • 4.5 Base escape
    • 4.6 Marriage with Mighty Eagle
  • 5 Appearances
    • 5.1 Angry Birds 2: The Movie
    • 5.2 Angry Birds 2
    • 5.3 Angry Birds POP!
    • 5.4 Angry Birds Friends
    • 5.5 Angry Birds Blast!
    • 5.6 Angry Birds Transformers
    • 5.7 Angry Birds Reloaded
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  • Name: Zeta
  • Allies: Águilas (Axel, Steve, Hank, Glenn, Carl, Kira, Jerry)
  • Enemies: Bird Island Birds (Formerly), Pigs (Formerly)
  • Family: Mighty Eagle (Husband), Debbie (Daughter)
  • Mascot: Your dog


She is extremely intelligent, since according to Mighty Eagle, she was "the best student".

Zeta is an eagle which is very demanding with his subjects, because when he orders Glenn to speed up the process of eliminating errors, otherwise he would be sent to the torture chamber along with Steve.

She is of a very cruel character against her enemies, since when she catches Silver and Red, she tells them that she is "cold hearted", however, she wanted the Pigs and Birds inhabitants of the islands to bomb, evacuate the area, so that they would not die.

Although he is evil in character, he has also shown a loving and sweet side to his pet and daughter Debbie. However, her personality changes drastically at the end of the film, where she becomes friendly with everyone.


It is a tall eagle, with purple feathers on the wings and on the face, and white feathers on the rest of the body that looks like a dress, it has a light purple curved beak, green eyes and eyelashes of black color, on his head, his feathers stick out.


Youth in the 90's

Zeta and Ethan in their youth

During the 90s, Zeta began to go to high school in Isla Águila, being one of the best students in the class, where she met Ethan, known as Powerful Eagle, with whom she would later fall in love and they would start dating. When Zeta and Ethan started dating and enjoyed each other's company. Until one day Zeta proposed to him, but Mighty Eagle did not feel ready to marry and escaped to Bird Island, where he became a well-known bird on the island, leaving Zeta alone with a daughter named Debbie.

His life after Ethan ran away

Area from where the ice balls were thrown

After Ethan left Zeta, Zeta took over raising her daughter Debbie. Finally, and in an unknown way, he became the leader of the eagles on the frozen island. Despite this, Zeta was not comfortable in the island's frozen environment and was frustrated by the fact that the seals stole her food. So he began to achieve technological advances, with which he implemented his wishes to conquer Isla Pájaro and Cerdito through bombardments of giant ice balls that he carried out with the team of eagles, to turn them into his "paradise", and in a certain way take revenge on Powerful Eagle. His conquest plans were in his words: "transform the islands into summer fun areas."

Pig Discovery of Zeta

Finally a ball falls on Isla Pájaro and another on Isla Pig, when it falls on the island of birds, nobody knew what it was about and they began to be alerted, but when the pigs discovered it, after studying the giant ball , discover the island of Zeta. So Leonard is used to unite with the birds to stop her infiltrating their base. While gathering the rest of the team, and creating the plan, Zeta throws another ice ball in the Mighty Eagle cave, where Red, Leonard and others were, finally the plan to infiltrate is realized.

Catching the infiltrators

In the end, Zeta and the rest of the eagles catch the spies, but eventually Mighty Eagle arrives to enrage the situation and forgive himself with her, but still angry, he reveals to everyone that his real name is Ethan, and that they had given birth. to Debbie, without Ethan even knowing. While Zeta was distracted, Silver tells Chuck about stopping the balls from moving forward and how to slow them down so they don't hit the other islands. When he goes to throw the balls, they are stopped thanks to the rope, but when it begins to break, the Chicks and Piglets that were traveling on Eagle Island arrive, who hold the rope. The balls slide on the base, making it explode and everyone has to escape.

Base escape

Zeta and Ethan resolving their differences

After Zeta's Lair explodes, everyone escapes from there. When they all escape, he realizes that Debbie is missing, seeing only her ice shoes, he thinks that she did not survive and had died, regretting what happened. But then he sees Mighty Eagle among the rubble, who had protected Debbie from being crushed. So they resolve their differences and go to Isla Pájaro to get married.

Marriage with Mighty Eagle

Finally Zeta and Ethan travel to Bird Island, where they get married. Birds, pigs and eagles attend the wedding, being a wedding that takes place on the beach. Then everyone celebrates and dances at the party. where finally Mighty Eagle, Zeta and Debbie come together to form the family.


In the film

Angry Birds 2: The Movie

In the sequel to the Angry Birds movie, Zeta is the main antagonist of the plot, she is tired of living on Eagle Island, so she plans to destroy Bird Island and Pig Island to turn it into her paradise. At the end of the film, he ends up marrying the Mighty Eagle, since he had abandoned her, and they form a family with Debbie, who lived with Zeta on Eagle Island, after the Mighty Eagle left them.

En Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

Zeta appeared in this game as the main boss during The Angry Birds Movie 2 event, where she replaced all the pig bosses (Pig Chef, Pig with Mustache and King Pig), but only if the player was connected to Wi-Fi.

En Angry Birds POP!

Angry Birds POP!

Zeta appears in this game during the movie event, being a playable character in the game

Her power bubble is called Freeze Pop !, which when touching freezes a line of bubbles, where her design is somewhat different from Angry Birds 2, since in this game, she is taller.

En Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends

In Angry Birds Friends she appears during the Operation: Eagle Island event / tournament, where she is the final boss, which is difficult to defeat, having a different design from the other games, since in this one she is taller than in Angry Birds 2, but not as high as in Angry Birds POP !.

Angry Birds Blast!

Zeta appears in the Angry Birds Blast! Video game during a treasure hunt in an excavated image.

Angry Birds Transformers

Como Nightbird

He appears in Angry Birds Transformers as an autobird, being Nightbird, where he can be unlocked in the event of the same name. Nightbird is classified as a Deceptihog Specialist, having the ability to launch huge balls of ice at their targets.

Angry Birds Reloaded

En Angry Birds Reloaded

Zeta appears in the Angry Birds Reloaded game as the main villain in the final episodes of the Eagle Island section, where her plot in the film is adapted, wanting to throw ice balls towards Pig Island and Bird Island to destroy them. He appears as the Boss Enemy in the final level of The Frozen Heart, and also appears recurrently in cutscenes in that section. His design in Angry Birds Reloaded is the same design used for the Angry Birds Friends tournament.

See: Zeta /


Zeta together with his pet

  • He is the fifth bird to be a villain. The first is Pepillo, the second is Darth Vader, the third is The Spirit of the Sword and the fourth is Gale.
  • The name of the character "Zeta" was revealed thanks to the description of the official trailer on YouTube.
  • She has a pet dog, which was frozen by ice. This dog would eventually fall in love with the seal that stole his food.
  • At first, some people believed that it was Gale, due to their similarities, since they are both purple
  • At the end of the movie he marries the Mighty Eagle.
  • Zeta He is the one who reveals the name of Mighty Eagle, which is Ethan.
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