Without Truce (Santaflow ft. Shé)

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Santaflow - Sin Tregua (ft. SHÉ) OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP

Without truce es is one of the main songs of the mini series Red and Chuck: Trapped in the Human World, the song is performed by Ivan Santos Ortiz (Álias ​​Santalfow) y Adrián Cervantes Pérez  (Álias ​​Shé).

  • Artists: Santaflow and Shé
  • Géneros: Hip-Hop / Rap
  • Release date: 2016


Well! How boring it is to listen, ballad pianitos

Pseudo-existential talk and your voice so affected

You say super obvious things, what a laugh when I hear you!

Do you like to talk about fear?

You should have a lot

Go! It is not courage, it is daring to go to this appointment

Look at you, look at you, listen to me, listen to you

You don't have something that is needed

If you play with the greats you will make yourself a pupil

It's gonna be child's play

Tear you to pieces in front of all the clique

You thought what a good idea to go to this fight

You will regret it because things are going to get ugly

Don't believe it! What is a fight of equal to equal

You will be! Until the end with diarrhea

This song may be a promotion for you

Or that you learn something because I will teach you a lesson

But if you want to show off with me

I swear you made a bad choice boy

Because people will see how we are

A thousand light years in comparison

Come and prepare the asshole, let all the people see it

Be my sparring, my toy, you're going to be hot

It amuses me that today you think you are so brave

Because I'm hungry and this afternoon I feel like it

Snack Snake

I say super obvious things, okay

But even your fans know

That my music is the key as a remedy for your ills

The shé does not flinch, Santaflow yes Santa Claus

Take your gift motherfucker

It is normal that you smile when listening to me

It is the smile of the coward who believes that no one can knock him down

Poor boy who thinks he is invincible!

Now swear by your god that it's me, shé incredible!

What will you say about me? That I write nasty songs

That I am another copy, maybe it's just envy

I swear I'm going to rip your tongue out

Top to bottom

And when I'm done with you, your family won't love you

Fuck you santaflow!

Your phoenix is ​​afraid, he may hide in the end

I'm amused that you feel so brave

And if you like the snake come and try my anaconda

I am flattered that you finish with my sentences

That you know my songs

That you try to copy my structures

That speaks of you super well as a fan

But as a rival you are not up to the task

You wanna rap at my speed

But when I vocalize I find fissures

I see you know what I could say about you

It is no longer necessary because you just admitted it

It's okay to assume

That you more than anyone knows that you lack personality

But there are still things to add

You sing like obk, you dance like a padans

It was laughter to discover you reciting on instagram

For a sad gallant seducing the camera

This is urban shit boy you lack virility

And you fight me using my ability

I can see your complexes from afar and I know that I'm going to beat you

I'll give you some advice, so you stop doing the asshole, men

Do not compete in my field it will not turn out well

To begin with, I'm not your fan, what a shame, Iván!

Your style is more like Santa Justa Klan

Hey, how are you doing about being thirty-something

How do you know that a kid comes to shut you up

At your age, no team wants you

How are you doing with the viagra, okay or what?

Poor norykko!

You say you find cracks in my rap when vocalizing?

Do not talk about fissures, your posture is an anal tear

You say that I copy the structure, boy you are fatal

If you want to beat me at least tell some truth

Stop trying boy, you like what m & m's

Stop doing those covers, you'll never be eminem

You have too much ego, then you must attend

You have not invented anything, you have a lot to learn

Keep doing urban shit you and your fucking manhood

That I continue with my themes helping others

Without respite, without mercy, come!

You don't scare me, attack again!

Only the truth can affect me

And you will not be able to change it

And if you come closer I will use it to learn

And keep me on my toes

Without respite, without mercy, come!

You don't scare me, attack again!

Only the truth can affect me

And you will not be able to change it

And if you come closer I will use it to learn

And keep me on my toes

You can keep firing bullets at me

I don't care, you don't know me

You think you are in control of everything

But you ignore that the end is very near

I can hear their voices

I've fought a lot of people before

That like you

They fell soon and drowned in their pride

Today death will come for the life of the one who loses

And I assure you that the name that will be on the tombstone

He is yours!

Humility, truth, honor, courage, strength, spirit

They are important things that you can never have

Behind every man there is a feat, a legend

Behind you there is nothing, every blow of mine is an ulu

I have the flow and the attitude, charisma and accuracy

Amplitude in the structure you yours is like (prrrf)

Letters in infinity, my virtue is restlessness

I'll dance like a padans but on top of your coffin

Tremble if you think you can beat me

You are hungry for victory but defeat in your mind

Anxiety for glory, but today is not your lucky day

You waste time, then the snake conquers

I've seen the shit you go up

The videos talking like a disturbed

You talk like the cani from the zorman video

In the form of each pose you fall for me

To the voice of the pringado that you have

If you want I can tell you your next state

"I'm giving up rap, I'm sorry they never humiliated me"

Two of my sons fucked a hammerhead fish

And you were born with those eyes apart and that cricket voice

A hybrid style of both, it's that simple!

But in a queer plan singing soft choruses

(Your) copy of the copy (I) of the original

Your themes depress, what I do is motivate

You see? Your attack doesn't hurt, I don't need to dodge

Well the flame that burns is that of truth

Well on the video I'll let it look like a tie

Because I'm a gentleman and I don't mean to humiliate you (more)

But when you see people's comments

Saying I tore you apart, you gon 'feel helpless

Take it easy, leave me your girl just one afternoon

It will leave you, you will leave the music for depression

When two years pass and you can recover

You will come back, but I will have three more records

You can't compare yourself, do you see the difference?

Little Adrien

I told my girl about you, I told her that you are very famous

But nothing boy, what, your name does not ring a bell

Then I showed him some photos, he almost died of fright!

Ah! He told me how long you were in project man

He says that you speak very strange, that you train those muscles more

What a lot of ego, but a tiny brain

That your music is boring, it's like a circle

Ah! And that you take the sun that you look like at twilight

End of the MC assault! Yeah-go strong in the ring

You as Peter Pagle and I as Muhhamed Ali

I'm fast, I move my feet

You attack on all fours, I see you coming

You are slow, very slow, I can even sleep

People know who is the best

Your fans will turn their backs on you and disown you without a doubt

When two years pass and nobody buys your records

You will eat my dick as long as you ask me for help

I thought after a couple of rounds you would back down

I don't know if it's unconsciousness or balls but here you are

And although your letter neither went nor fa, you held out until the end

And for that reason alone I have to respect you

You showed humility to seek me and then accept

That the idea I had of the great rap combat

Serenity you had, you resisted every impact

I wish you should not get depressed

Seeing the opinion of the fans

And remain intact

But keep your feet on the ground

And get something good out of this beating

From the superior experience of the one who rose from the ashes

Yes, it is an objective fact and today I feel sorry for you

If you can't see what I shared with you

And though every word you say is true

I want you to know that it is not personal, we are not friends

But I have given everything and that is my way of honoring the rival

Now it's time to wait. Observe, time will tell

If you are worthy if ever you and I have something more

Without respite, without mercy, come!

You don't scare me, attack again!

Only the truth can affect me

And you will not be able to change it

And if you come closer I will use it to learn

And keep me alert relentlessly, mercilessly come!

You don't scare me, attack again!

Only the truth can affect me

And you will not be able to change it

And if you come closer I will use it to learn

And keep me on my toes

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