We are the champions

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We are the champions es el sexto episodio de Angry Birds Crazy Toons

We are the champions
Developer (s): Dacorralesr
Launching: 23 of June 2014
Platforms: crazy toons tv
Gender: E



  • 1 Episode
  • 2 Music
  • 3 Curiosities
  • 4 Errors
  • 5 Gallery


The birds were taking care of the eggs and the pigs are hiding in a bush and then they come out for a surprise attack but the birds see them and start fighting while the song "We are the champions" plays Red takes Terence and crushes a pig later The blues take the hoof off the hog and hit him with it, then he falls off a cliff and throws the hoof at him and hits him on the head but he flies one more pig and everyone hits him then everyone celebrates


Queen:We are the champions

Queen - We Are The Champions (Lyrics)

The song that plays in the end and the credits


  • This is the first episode to have a known song.
  • The song of this episode refers to the title
  • This is the first time that pigs have appeared in a title card.
  • It is the second shortest episode of the series
  • This episode proves that blues can be responsible
  • This episode shows that Red is very strong


  • The cliff does not appear until it is important in the story (see image # 4 in the gallery)
  • When the blues take the hoof off the hog, the hoof doesn't have his belt and the hog doesn't have ears (see image # 3 in the gallery)


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