Ultimate Beauty Mask Tutorial

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Ultimate Beauty Mask Tutorial is the 20th episode of Angry Birds MakerSpace, being released on January 4, 2020 on YouTube, it is the last episode of the series in general.


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YouTube description

This miracle mask exfoliates, hydrates, renews, refreshes, removes wrinkles, removes blemishes, and leaves your face looking fabulous! Results may vary


  • Common Pigs
  • Zoe (cameo)
  • Bomb (cameo)


A pig is with his laptop, where he begins to watch a video tutorial of another pig's mask, the pig in the video begins by pouring soap and water on his face, so the other pig does the same, but by accident he gets hurt a little the eyes. Then both pigs wipe the water off their faces with a towel, consequently they put that towel in hot water and then put it on their face for a few seconds, but the pig who saw the tutorial leaves the hot towel for a longer time, so what is burning.

Then they continue to put on a mask, and then two pickles, but the pig who was watching begins to burn his eyes and he takes them off. Finally both pigs remove the mask, so they get ears, a unicorn horn, and a rainbow from their mouths. The pig is shocked and realizes that the title of the video said it was a glitch tutorial. Then he goes to see two other pigs, who had done the same mask test with the same result.


Angry Birds MakerSpace - Ultimate Beauty Mask Tutorial - S1 Ep20


  • It is the only episode of the series to be released in 2020, being the final episode of the series.
  • The pig who watches the tutorial is supposed to be the same as the one in the episode Vlogging with Zoe.
  • The pig watches the video on a website called PigsTV, which is a reference to YouTube.
    • Among the videos that appear recommended to the pig, stands out a video of Bomb, the video of Zoe from the episode Vlogging with Zoe, and the Halloween video from the episode Scary Hatchling Halloween.
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