To The Bitter End

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To The Bitter End is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of Angry Birds Stella.


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Gale gets trapped inside an active volcano while searching for the elusive golden eggs. Stella comes to the rescue, but as the temperature rises, can these two work together to escape without being roasted?


The episode begins with Stella climbing a coconut tree, collecting the fruit, when they feel shaking from an unknown source. Stella climbs back into the tree and notices smoke from the foot of the volcano where Gale lives, suspecting trouble, Stella goes to the source of the smoke and the rumbling noises. The camera then shows the foot of the volcano, and the source of the noise and smoke is actually coming from the pigs drilling into the wall of the volcano at, of course, Gale's command. Gale enters the volcano in search of the mysterious golden egg. Suspicious and disturbed Stella begins to interrogate the pigs, but then realizes that Gale is there and hearing the rumbling again and seeing the rocks fall, Stella realizes that Gale is about to get trapped. Stella and jumps towards the volcano to save Gale, with Poppy trying to stop her, but she fails and Stella gets caught in the Gale in a rockslide, causing the flock and pigs to freak out.

The gang and the pigs then begin planning the rescue, meanwhile, Stella realizes that she is trapped and notices Gale clinging to a wall, and in surprise, Gale faces-plants on the ground. Stella, still a bit mad at Gale for getting him into this situation, heads to the entrance and starts pecking at the rocks, failing that. Gale then goes to the massive pile of boulders and removes a smaller rock, causing a larger one, almost falling on the Stella, resulting in a brief fight between the two birds before they notice the magma approaching them. , they escape to higher ground.

Outside the volcano, the gang and the pigs find a place to tunnel and save the birds. Gale and Stella walk through a hallway that appears to be leftover ruins, depicting archaic scribes and the golden egg that Gale searched for for so long, Stella sees this golden egg and realizes that Gale's change in personality it was as a result of this artifact. Gale and Stella walk across an old, wooden bridge and are almost on the other side when they come across a skunk, Gale hides behind Stella and she sprays her with the skunk smell, Gale giving a short insult and Stella getting angrier, but you immediately see that the skunk is cutting the strings that hold up the bridge.

Gale and Stella immediately run back to the other side, jumping to safety, and the skunk then escapes in the next quake. Stella sees some sticks and is able to build a hang glider, and Gale contributes by using the cloth on his back to complete the contraption. Being scared at first, the two finally get together confident enough to slide to the other side of the magma river, and they succeed, and the two birds feel very happy and very close to the modified friendship, but it doesn't last long. time as Gale finally finds the golden egg with the magma in the quick search. Gale enters the chamber and runs towards the golden egg, but another tremor creates a space for the egg to fall into, and Gale screams in agony until he sees that the egg is still safe. Gale turns around to see Stella on a lonely rock in the middle of the magma, and after a difficult decision, Gale apparently prefers the golden egg over Stella, leaving Stella heartbroken and preparing for the end, but then Gale He comes back and knocks down a couple pillars, saving Stella. Stella then ends up on a platform with Gale, and they realize there is nowhere else to go, and Gale begins to cry alongside Stella as they prepare to face death. A few moments later, they hear another tremor and this time, a tunnel is made with the drill of the pigs and Stella's friends reach the end of the tunnel in which she and Gale see. Seeing there is no way out, Gale and Stella take a tour of it, but not before Gale remembers the golden egg and goes to retrieve it, while Stella safely jumps into the hole in the wall, and He returns to Gale carrying the Golden Egg, leaving Stella horrified. Gale stares at the golden egg and laughs that she finally achieved her achievement, while Stella watches rocks fall from the ceiling where Gale is standing. After a few moments of looking at the golden egg, Gale then looks at Stella and her friends one last time with a happy expression before being crushed by the rocks. Stella, witnessing this, attempts to go back and save Gale, but Poppy succeeds in biting Stella's tail of feathers and dragging Stella to safety. Stella and the flock run to safety, but after seeing Gale unable to get out of there with them, and witnessing rocks crushing her, this leads Stella to bring up the conclusion that Gale died, leaving her heartbroken. The pigs and the gang are filled with sadness and pain as the camera flies to the top of the volcano, with a cloud of smoke in the shape of an egg briefly appearing before ascending to the sky.


  • Stella
  • Gale
  • Luca
  • Willow
  • Dahlia
  • poppy
  • Handsome Pig
  • Common Pigs


  • This is the end of Season 1 of Angry Birds Stella Toons.
  • This episode was made the end probably because Rovio wanted to end the series abruptly just in case, if a second season had not been possible.


Angry Birds Stella To the Bitter End - S1 Ep13

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