Thursday: Clearing things up

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This is the sixth episode of the second season of Red and Chuck: Trapped in the Human World

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It was early morning in Bird City (5 AM), Red was having a nightmare so he woke up quite scared and nervous, when he woke up he found himself in his bed with cat hair

Why is there cat hair on my bed?- Red thought a little nervous

-At that moment, a noise was heard from the kitchen and the redhead decided to investigate, while he went downstairs, Red began to think about the strange coincidence that was happening; yesterday a black cat with heterochromia had been teasing him and Chuck, and now he was waking up with cat hair in his bed. So when you get to the kitchen; Red a little scared and saw the door ... only to find a black kitten rummaging in his kitchen looking for food-

Ay, you scared me little demon- Red said something annoying; but when he saw the kitten that was somewhat skinny, he felt sorry for him- ... As I recall, cats like milk and tuna; let me see if i have something like that

-Red went straight to the refrigerator to see what was there; and he found that there were several cans of canning, so he took a can of tuna, put it on a small plate and held it up to the kitten-

Take little one, you look hungry- Red said bringing him the plate; a while later the kitten began to eat

-When the little cat finished eating he looked at Red in the eyes and Red realized that the cat had heterochromia (one of his eyes was blue and the other was olive green) -

Are you No, that is impossible- Red thought a little nervous

Sorry for that little one, I'm just very upset, a lot has happened and anyway- Said Red a little nervous until- What should i call you

-The little kitten went through an open window and a few minutes later returned with a piece of a necklace that said "Helena"-

Give me a meow to say yes and blink to say no; Is your name Helena?- Asked the redhead sounding serious

Miau- The little kitten answered

Well Helena I guess you can stay and live here- Said Red caressing the little kitten- I'm not sleepy anymore I'm going to watch television maybe there's something good

-Red goes to the living room and sits on the sofa together with the kitten but when he turns on the television but there is only static on all the channels-

How weird- Said Red

Well if the television does not work I go to the gym- Red thought before going to the gym

-2 hours later of training, Red finishes training and goes to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast and that of his little new friend, an hour later Red's phone began to ring-

Hello? Who's calling?- Asked Red

Hi Red, I'm Willow, I need you to come as quickly as possible, we need your help- Willow answered nervously while a fight was heard in the background

And why didn't you warn anything and instead took refuge in a stranger?- An apparently older man yelled

That stranger is better than anyone I've dated before!- A female voice yelled

Isn't that voice from Cerise?- Red thought until suddenly Willow screamed again

Help Red!- The blue-haired yelled before she hung up

-Red ran to get his car and drive at full speed to the cafeteria (skipping several traffic lights), arriving at the cafeteria in record time, when Willow knocks on the door, she opens very nervous-

How good that you arrive quickly enter- Willow said nervously pulling Red by the arm

-A moment later Red is surprised to see Cerise arguing with a man who appeared to be 40 or older; with black hair with some white streaks, dressed in a blue jacket over a white shirt, black pants and brown boots. This man was Clabe Hood, Cerise's father, who upon seeing Red became serious and looked at Red with a somewhat terrifying expression-

Are you Red?- The man asked seriously

Si Who asks?- Red asked with an equally serious tone

... You have guts boy; I am Cerise's father and I recently found out that he has some kind of relationship with your best friend, am I right?- Asked the older man again

If it's true, but what happens?- Red replied

... Call him right now to come; we have business to fix- Caleb said, expelling a terrifying aura

Híjole, I think that it will not be possible- Said Red a little nervous

Why not? Is he so cowardly that he can't see my face?- Said the man with a serious tone

No, it is because he is in the hospital very injured- The redhead answered

Doing what?- The man asked again seriously

Ehmm ... saving a child from being hit by a truck- Red answered trying to make his friend look good

Emmmm, well I believe you but when he recovers I will have a "talk" with him- Said the man a little distrustful

Okay, I guess I'll see it later- Said Red a little nervous

But if your friend is not in the hospital, be sure that both will be in trouble- Said the man with a terrifying tone

If you don't believe me then go check it out- Red said fearfully giving him the address of the hospital where Chuck was

Well, then it's time to go * turns to Cerise * let's go and see if what the redhead said is true- Said the man but Cerise said to wait for her downstairs

Is Chuck really in the hospital?- Cerise asked a little scared

... Yes, the impact was strong and it almost didn't count; but it has a much better resistance than the average and will recover- Said Red to try to calm her down

Ufff, what a relief- Cerise said recovering her calm

Yeah don't worry he'll be fine- Red told him and then think for a while- Hey by the way, listen to the discussion I had with your dad, why did he freak out?- Asked the surprised redhead

-At first Cerise didn't seem to want to tell him but in the end she just sighed and started telling him what happened-

Since my parents only had female daughters, my father became very over-protective of me and my sister Ramona; He believes that any boy who asks me out just wants to take advantage of me, everything would have been normal if I had only told him to finish with Daring and that Chuck saved me; But I forgot the over-protection the moment I told him about my new relationship with him and then it all started.- Cerise said sadly

Too bad, I think you should go to your father before he gets madder- Red said before Cerise left Red said- say hi to chuck for me

I will do it!- Cerise yelled from a distance

-After Cerise and her dad left, Willow saw the clock and said-

Hey, I already have to go to the cafeteria- Willow said but before leaving she said to the blonde- Poppy remembers that today you have to water the crops

It's okay Red, can you help me?- Poppy asked with her tone a little scary

I also help them- Dahlia said

It won't be necessary- Poppy said while looking for an excuse for Dahlia not to help them

If necessary, so we will finish faster- Red said with a relieved tone

-Poppy not very happy so she has no choice but to accept, after watering all the crops in the greenhouse in the living room, screams were heard going down they found Stella fighting with another girl more or less of the same age dressed in a gray sweater, blue pants and black sneakers but the most striking thing about her was her dark pink hair-

Hey, stop!- Shouted the redhead but when he saw that neither of the two redheaded girls stopped fighting, he separated them (receiving several scratches) - Who are you?

She is my hateful sister Chloe- Stella answered seeing her sister with a look of contempt

Hateful? But if you were the one who always had Mom's preference!- She claimed him

At least I didn't spread your humiliating photos all over the school!- Stella returned

¡Boba!- Shout the dark haired

Ugly!- Shout the clear haired

Hate you!- They finally shouted to try to attack each other again ;: but Red used his strength once more and was able to separate them until he yelled-

Help here!- Red yelled getting tired of Dahlia and Poppy

-Poppy and Dahlia manage to separate the sisters, a moment later the dark haired girl stared at Red and then asked her sister-

Red hair? Is that the guys you told us about?- Chloe asked

Stella, what did you tell them?- Asked Red altered

W-Well I ...- Stella tried to speak but she was ashamed

She told me and dad that she met a guy she got along with very well and had lit a spark inside her- Chloe answered with a mocking smile

... Stella, what trouble did you get me into?- Asked Red seriously

B-Good- Stella said very nervous

Too bad for you friend; you will have to accompany us to meet our father, because that is what he asked- The dark pink hair answered with an evil smile

Stella, what did you do?- Red asked angrily

Please Red, come on I begged you- Begged Stella

Okay, let's go- Said Red with some annoyance

-Red, Stella and Chloe decide to get in a taxi to go in the direction of where the sisters lived; that it was a 3-story house; blue color and red tile roof-

What a nice house- said Red impressed

Thanks, let's get in- Chloe said

-As soon as they entered the house, a man with burgundy hair was already waiting for them, dressed in an outfit that seemed to be a United States Ranger-

Daddy, your daughter arrived and the boy she wants to force be her boyfriend- Chloe told him

That!?- Red yelled

... * turns to see her youngest daughter with the redhead * Chloe leave us alone- Said the man with a serious tone

If daddy * turns to see Red and Stella * are dead- whispered the dark haired before leaving

-As the man approached them both, Red only had one thought in his head-

Stella ... if you get me in trouble like that again I'll cut all ties with you- The redhead thought furious and terrified until the man spoke

... Are you the one called Red?- Asked the man with a serious and terrifying tone

Y-Yes sir- Red replied scared

S-Dad, I swear I can explain it- Stella said very nervous

-The man headed out and got into a black military jeep with burning skulls-

You! worm! Come up here!- The man shouted with a terrifying tone

O-Ok- Said the redhead very nervous getting into the jeep

-They both drove to a forest area where apparently there was no one; when they got out the man went to check something in the trunk of his jeep-

Look kid, in the army I learned to see what people are like just by looking at them; and I can say that you are someone with courage and discipline- The man said while he kept looking

Yes, but why did you bring me here?- Red asked a little calmer until a pair of boxing gloves fell on his face

Simple, to make it clear to you what you are up against if you decide to go out with my daughter- The man said seriously as he placed another pair of boxing gloves in his hands- We will fight here and now- He said to later put himself in a fighting pose

W-Wait sir, I swear this is not necessary- The redhead asked fearfully until he was forced to dodge a spinning kick

I said fight; So come here!- The man yelled

* Sighs * ... Okay, if a fight wants a fight it will have- Said Red getting into combat position

That's the spirit- Said the man smiling and preparing for the fight

-During the fight, which lasted an hour and a half, Red suffered the militaristic martial arts style of Stella and Chloe's father; although he was able to fight with good karate techniques that could save him and harm the older man. To finish the fight, the older man tried to give Red a front kick, but Red grabbed his leg and then kicked him in the chest (making him recoil from the pain), and then gave him a roundhouse kick to the body. left kneeling on the ground-

Go boy you are strong- Said the impressed man

Thank you sir, I trained hard to be strong- Said Red

Call me Frank, son; And I thought you were the same as the other boys my daughter dated- Said the man with a smile

Really? And how long did they last you, Mr. Frank?- Asked Red

Heh they didn't last an hour when Stella took them home- Frank answered slapping Red on the back- I think we have to go back

Okay, but I would like to ask you to have a chat between the two of us when we arrive.-The redhead asked him

Whatever you want boy, you seem like someone trustworthy; so let's go- Frank said getting into the car together with Red

-Meanwhile with the hairy sisters-

What do you think happened to Red?- Stella asked very nervous

Most likely, dad has already smashed his ribs- Chloe answered with a mocking tone

You know I hate you so much right?- Stella questioned him with an annoyed expression

Look here comes daddy's jeep- Said the dark haired

Really? And Red is dying?- Asked the light pink haired very worried and nervous

This is unheard of, Red is healthy and talking amicably with dad- Exclaimed surprised Chloe

I have to see that closely- Stella said looking out the window

And what style of karate do you practice kid?- Frank asked

It is a combination of Kempo Karate, Shotokan Karate and Kyokushinkai Karate- I context them Red

You can see that you are very strong- Alagó Frank

Well ... I guess I make the effort- Red replied sadly

Let's see, what happened?- Chloe asked incredulous and very confused

Well, this guy exceeded my expectations- His father answered smiling

I never thought that some boy that my sister introduced you would like you- Chloe said

Ehmm ... regarding that, do you think we can have that private chat already?- Asked Red

Sure boy come on- Frank answered making a sign to his daughters to go to their rooms

-In the living room-

What do you want to talk about?- Frank asked

Mr. Frank, I don't know what Stella told you, but I swear I don't have that relationship with your daughter; alone we are 2 good friends- Red replied with a serious tone

I understand, and I don't blame you; sometimes my daughters can be very passionate, they inherited it from their mother- Said the man very sorry

Do not worry- Said Red

Hey, how about you stay for lunch?- Frank proposed

Okay no problem- Red answered smiling

Good, call my daughters- Frank said

-Red goes to where Frank told him the room where his daughters were-

Wow boy I'm surprised you survived daddy- Said chloe impressed

Well he seems to be a good guy- Said the redhead

He always has a warm personality that's why mom fell in love with him- Stella said

Hey, by the way, I never saw your mother. Where is she?- Asked Red

Well Red, she is the creator of the clothing brand "Bird Fashion" therefore she is always too busy to see us, I think I have never seen her in person only on video calls that she made us a few times a week- The hairy answered a little sad

Wow i feel that- Red said with pity

And despite the fact that she only spoke to us through video calls, that did not prevent my sister from becoming mom's favorite.- Chloe said a little annoyed

Perhaps it is your favorite according to you; but you always have confidence in everything you do and in every decision you make; he practically treats me like a little girl- Stella replied

At least you have parents- whispered Red

Did you say something?- Stella asked curious

Uh ... no, nothing; I said nothing- Red replied

Ok then let's eat- Stella said

Whose room is this?- Asked the redhead

It's from Chloe, my room is almost empty since I only come here a few times.- The clear hairy answered

This room is a little weird- Said Red seeing that Chloe's room was set in magical or supernatural things

Chloe is one of those people who believe in horoscopes, predictions, magic- Stella said

What can I say my dear Red; each person is different, and I am not at all ashamed of my tastes and preferencess- The dark pink hair answered with a smile

Well now let's eat- Said the clear haired

OK let's go- Said Red

-After that the 3 go down to the kitchen until they knock on the door and Red goes to open-

I open- Said Red going to the door and opening it

Hello - A woman in her 30s or 40s with pink hair greeted

Ehh who are you?- Asked Red curious

I'm Winona Bridget, founder of the Bird Fashion brand- The woman answered

Y-Are you Stella's mother?- Red asked a little nervous

If I am Stella's mother- The older hairy answered

-The woman entered the house and was seen by Stella's family-

Ma-Mom ?!- Asked the red-haired sisters

Hello little girls- The red-haired lady greeted before being hugged

-After a great conversation, Red asked a bit confused-

Listen, your daughters told me that they had never seen you in person because you are a very busy woman then Why did you come to visit them?- Asked Red

Very simple, my daughter called me on the phone and told me that she already had someone special and I couldn't sit idly by without meeting my daughter's boyfriend, by God, you should have listened to the call she made to me, or better yet, listen to her. the recording- Winona answered taking out her phone

Wait mom no!- Stella shouted desperately but it was too late

Hey mom, I want to tell you that I already met a pretty good boy and I bet he'll be mine; He is red-haired and his name is Red, I know that perhaps your itinerary does not allow you to visit us much, but in truth I would be happy for you to come visit us; after all here we miss you so much- Stella spoke for the call

-After a little explanation, everyone sits down to eat and then ends up talking-

Hey Red, do you have pets?- Chloe asked

If I have a black kitten with heterochromia- Red replied

That explains why you have this on your clothes- Said the dark haired girl holding a small lock of black hair that seemed to be a cat- Do you want to see something?

Clear- Res said before Chloe grabbed her arm and led him to her room

-When they both arrive at Chloe's room she takes out a glass bowl and several jars with leaves of various colors-

There is an ancient legend of beings so powerful that they can change shape- Explained the dark haired girl placing things on a small desk

Yes, what does that have to do with it?- Asked the redhead with a little interest

There are three and the legend says that you can discover who it is by using certain types of herbs and a little of the fur and if it takes a certain shape it means that it is one of them and if not then it is a normal cat- The dark hairy answered

Well let's do it, I ain't got nothing better to do- Said Red

-Chloe put the cat hair in the bowl and then put several types of leaves on it, after that the dark haired girl holds the bowl and shakes it a little then the leaves take the shape of an old lock-

Fascinating, I never thought I would see this in my life; it seems that in reality that kitten has one or more hidden secrets- Chloe spoke fascinated

What does that lock mean that has impacted you so much?- Wonder Red missed

There are 3 of them Heraclius, Helena and Halastor each one has its symbol but I don't remember whose symbol this is, so don't trust that cat- Chloe answered

Hey Red, do you want us to take you home ?!- Frank yelled from the living room

I'm going- Red replied before saying goodbye to Chloe

-Frank takes Red to his house, when he arrived Helena approached him to which Red was nervous but after a couple of hours the redhead wonders-

Am I really going to believe a girl who likes magic?- Red thought before taking Helena and caressing her

Let's eat- Said Red

-Red cooked dinner for him and his new pet, after dinner the redhead goes to sleep and Helena gets on his bed to sleep with him, after a while without being able to fall asleep, they both fall asleep-

End of the day

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