The treasure of the mountain

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The treasure of the mountain (The Treasure Over the Mountain in English and same name in Spain) is the ninth episode of the Third Season of Angry Birds Squawk! Toons and the thirty-third of the series overall.


The birds are on the Cobalt Plain doing their activities when they suddenly see a glow coming from the sky. The birds begin to wonder what it is, and then the glow is seen again. Matilda realizes that it comes from a mountain located at the end of the island, so they decide to go investigate what it is about. Once they get to the foot of the mountain, they notice that the pigs were there too. The Flock tries to intimidate the Pigs, but Matilda stops them, and Professor Pig tells the birds the story of where that noise comes from: according to a legend, there is a treasure on the top of the mountain, and that glow is a sign of that the treasure is still there, although no one knows whose it is. After this, the pigs decide to start climbing the mountain by playing a race with the birds. The Flock also decides to start climbing to try to get there earlier. Once they are at the top, the Pig King takes the treasure and decides to open it, but an alarm sounds and the group decides to escape by sliding down the mountain, when suddenly a vampire pig wakes up and begins to chase them. The birds and pigs try to avoid it, but seeing that the vampire pig is faster, King Pig and his henchmen try to defeat him, but they do not succeed and are pushed, causing them to stay on the edge of the mountain. The vampire Pig throws them into the void, but the Flock attacks him and they take the treasure, and after seeing that there is a river below, they decide to jump off the mountain to avoid being attacked. Birds and pigs fall into the river and then come out onto the shore. The Pig King takes the treasure and later discovers that it was simply a necklace of leaves. The birds and pigs walk away disappointed, and then they see the necklace begin to glow.


  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • The Blues
  • Matilda
  • King Pig
  • Professor Pig (debut)
  • pigs
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