The Runaway

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The Runaway is the fifth episode of the first season of the Angry Birds Stella series.


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Description of Toons.TV

Luca hates bathrooms! And the girls are trying to trick him into taking one. He will end up showing you his opinion on that ...


When Luca plays in the mud, Stella and friends reminded him that it is time to take a bath. And so far she ran away from her beloved bath, so she ate a path of cherries until she reached the bath station. But when Luca was in the bedroom, he got up from his bed and he walked away from the tree. He saw the pigs, who bathed in the mud. And the pigs growled, but Luca joins the pigs and he made a big fart by locking a pig in a big mud bubble and the pigs with Luca went to Gale's castle. The girls believed that Luca was sleeping but no.

Luca hugged Gale and the pigs and the handsome pig built a mini chair for Luca, then Gale called the pigs to get him some food and a crown. And the pigs laughed at Gale and Luca. And the pigs with Luca went to the bathing station. Luca screamed and left the castle scared and Luca fell asleep in the middle of the forest. The next day Stella checked that Luca was sleeping on the floor, and when Luca wakes up, Stella is surprised to see Luca going to the bathroom of her own free will. And the episode ends with Luca laughing, indicating that he is going to run away, again.


  • Luca
  • Stella
  • poppy
  • Dahlia
  • Willow
  • Common Pigs
  • Gale
  • Handsome Pig


The Runaway Stella - Ep 5, S 1


  • In this episode, Luca is the protagonist and Stella the antagonist.
  • In this episode, Stella is very aggressive towards Luca.
  • It is the first time that someone in the series gets into trouble.
  • It is shown that of the gang, Luca is the one Gale loves the most.
  • It's the first time Gale has been nice to someone in the gang.
  • From the laugh at the end, Luca doesn't seem to have been chastened about being alone in the middle of the forest.


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