The Hunt for the Golden Easter Eggs

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The Hunt for the Golden Easter Eggs It is an Angry Birds Epic event, with its own map, which is accessible through portals. It was performed for the first time in March 2016.


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To enter the map of this event, it is necessary to enter through one of the portals. The map is divided into several sections, in which there are 3 levels in each one. Each section is separated by doors that open after the countdown they have ends, with the exception of the last one (which unlocks the Castle of Golden Clouds), for which it is necessary to complete all levels of the event with 3 stars.


Professor Pig paints an Easter egg gold, and when the birds arrive, it shows them to him. However, Wizpig arrives and steals the golden egg, taking it to the far end of the map, and summons a Pig Rabbit. Professor Pig asks the birds for help. After defeating Wizpig, the birds retrieve the golden egg and return it to Professor Pig.

Battle Conditions

In this event, there are various requirements / situations that occur at the levels, which are as follows:

  • You cannot use Red in this battle!
  • Still Air: The Angry Chilli fills 15% slower.


See: Pigs from Angry Birds Epic / Events

Event Resources

In this event, there are unique resources that are needed in a certain amount to unlock an elite avian class. They are as follows:

  • Easter basket (a total of 10)
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny (total of 10)
  • Carrots (a total of 15)
  • Spring Hats (a total of 15)
  • Easter eggs (total of 20)
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