The Great Eggscape

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The Great Eggscape It is the 22nd episode of the second season of Angry Birds Toons and the 74th of the entire series in general.


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Description of Toons.TV

King Pig finally gets an honest egg for gonest within chewing range when Red shows up and threatens to shatter his omelette-eating dreams. Time to skedaddle!


The little pigs bring an egg to King Pig, but others are being attacked outside. Pig King uses a phone to call an army of pigs. An Agent Pig then walks in and orders one of the Piglets to look through a hole in the door. But Red knocks down the door, so Agent Pig uses traps to keep him out. The traps include a pit with crocodile pigs and a rock, the rock hits the army of pigs that was going to attack Red. After Red passes these traps, King Pig and Agent Pig turn the throne, fall into a tube and they take him to a secret room. 

However, they realize that Red is still there. Agent Pig uses a metal wall to block Red, but Red breaks it. King Pig and Agent Pig escape the castle with an ejector floor and end up on a cactus in the desert. Red threatens them once more. Agent Pig and the King are cornered in a ravine, but are able to lock themselves in a highly armored secret lair. Red can see King Pig licking the egg. Red actually had the egg with him when he got lost in the cactus, which means that the Pig King had licked Agent Pig. The Pig King tries to show his sad eyes so that Red returns the egg to him, but Red ignores him and leaves with the egg. The Pig King and the Pig Agent end up locked in the lair, the Pig King despairs, pushes the buttons and makes them fly into space. At the end of the credits, Agent Pig can be heard saying "Yes".


  • King Pig
  • pigs
  • Red


  • The title of the episode is a pun on "Egg" and "The Great Escape", a 1963 film.
  • Throughout the episode Agent Pig says "Ow" or "Yes".
  • It is Red's last appearance as the only bird in an episode.


  • After Red leaves with the egg, the buttons on the capsule change position.
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