The Gold Diggers

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The Gold Diggers (Sale of Gold in Spain and Gold Diggers in the USA) is the seventh episode of the Third Season of Angry Birds Squawk! Toons, and the thirty-first in the series overall.


The birds were roaming around the Cobalt Plain, when suddenly, Chuck finds a cave. Chuck decides to call the birds to go investigate and they find that there is gold in that cave. The birds dig for more gold, then find more and more of it. The next day, in Pig City the news appears that there is gold in the Cobalt Plain, and the pigs go there to see it, where they tell the birds that they would pay anything to have it, which gives you an idea to Red. The birds decide to set up a Gold Shop to sell to the pigs, which quickly becomes a success, and pigs from all over the city go to buy from his shop, but the Pig King finds out about this and decides to steal the gold. gold birds with a bulldozer. The Pig King goes with his henchmen pigs to the cave and begins drilling to find more gold and take it away, but the vibration causes the cave to collapse completely. After this, the pigs leave and the birds decide to close their gold shop, while they put the money in a wheelbarrow to take it to their nest.


  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • The Blues
  • Matilda
  • pigs
  • King Pig


  • The title of this episode varies greatly depending on the language.
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