The Floor Is Lava!

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The Floor Is Lava! is the thirteenth episode of the Angry Birds Bubble Trouble series, being released on August 31, 2020, for the Amazon streaming site FreeTime Unlimited.

The episode was subsequently released on the Angry Birds YouTube channel, on March 13, 2021.


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Description of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Red and Stella have their eyes on the award, but there is only one award and two of them.


  • Red
  • Stella


Red and Stella imagined being in a volcano with lava, jumping between stones to avoid being burned, while they saw in the distance a reward of sweets, that is when Red and Stella begin to compete to arrive first. When they encounter a waterfall, they stop and cautiously jump among the floating stones.

At one point Red slips and is saved by Stella throwing him up from the stone, so that later Red rescue her, then they continue competing, until they run into smaller stones so that Stella then tickles Red so that lose. Finally these fall and come out of his imagination, very tired Red stretches out his hand trying to grab a jar of sweets, but he does not succeed.

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Angry Birds Bubble Trouble Ep.13 - The floor is lava!-2


  • The episode is named "The Floor is on Lava!", On the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited thumbnail.
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