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The body of a pig (Pig's Body and CEUU y The pig and its body in Spain) is the twelfth episode of the first season of Bad Piggies: The Return.


The episode begins in the kitchen of the tree house, where Handsome Pig looks very upset about preparing the food, Artist Pig did not know why he was that way, then Handsome Pig tells him that there are not many ingredients for the food , Artist Pig tells him otherwise. After entering the supermarket, they see exquisite products, Artist Pig and Handsome Pig buy the necessary ingredients for the kitchen, but when Handsome Pig and Artist Pig taste the flavor of one of the products, they start to eat the ingredients madly. Later, they are both completely full and Handsome Pig says that he would like to eat a salad, but Artist Pig refuses and eats a donut in salt, which makes Handsome Pig very disgusted.

During the night, Handsome Pig is eating salad, but Artist Pig puts junk food in a blender and drinks it, Handsome Pig tells him that if he continues like this, his body will get worse and Artist Pig refuses. The next day, Pig Artist wakes up from his bed but when he gets up, he begins to have cramps and dizziness and falls out of bed. Later, Handsome Pig finds Artist Pig exhausted and in bad shape, Artist Pig tells him that he was right and suggests that he pick him up and take him to his bed, Handsome Pig tries to carry him, but despite his heavy body , they both fall from the tree house.

When Handsome Pig tells his friends what happened, they go out to the supermarket to buy vegetables, while Artist Pig complains about this, he fixes it by leaving the tree house. Handsome Pig and his friends return with the vegetables and realize that Artist Pig got away and they try to find him. Artist Pig arrives at a park and a bird sees him, believing him to be a criminal and runs away. Handsome Pig and his friends search the island for Artist Pig. While his friends are looking for him, Handsome Pig arrives at a park and a guard bird asks him if he has seen a French pig in poor condition, which he refers to as Artist Pig, suddenly he sees Artist Pig fall into a cliff of the city. Island.

After regaining consciousness, Artist Pig finds himself trapped on the cliff and begins to feel guilty for not having listened to Handsome Pig. When he sees a lettuce in perfect condition, he eats it and begins to have hallucinations, but then passes out. The next morning, Artist Pig is in the tree house with his friends, all fractured. Handsome Pig tells him that he will have to start a diet for 2 weeks, and Bill tells him that the diet is fruits and vegetables and Artist Pig tries to escape, but falls as a result of the fracture, ending the episode.


  • Pig Artist
  • Handsome Pig
  • Bill
  • Mike
  • Johnny
  • Josh
  • Pete
  • Guard bird
  • Park bird
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