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Angry Bird blu

El Angry Bird blu It is one of the types of Angry Birds used in the Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons games, and one of the most common and well-known birds. It is characterized for being the smallest bird and for being the only one that has the capacity to triple. However, it is the weakest and least strong bird.


The blue Angry Bird has the characteristic power of tripling. To do this, you have to launch it with the slingshot and when it is in the air, touch or click on the screen and it will divide into three copies of itself, one will go up, another down, and another straight, thus being able to attack three different points of the pigs constructions

It is a very useful Angry Bird to eliminate the ice walls that make the birds stop, which are found in some buildings, since the blue Angry Bird breaks these instantly and thus allows the next birds to pass, so they become in one of the most useful birds at the beginning of a level. However, it should not be used against concrete constructions, as the small size of this bird will not do much against this tough material.


  • It is the only Angry Bird that does not have eyebrows, so it does not give it a growling bird look.
  • In the games it is shown as a single bird in the Angry Birds group, but in the Seasons Greedings comic it is shown that there are three of these birds in the set, which are like twin boys.
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