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"See Angry Birds 2 in Helios cinemas"(Translated as Watch Angry Birds 2 in Helios Theaters), or simply known as"The Angry Birds Movie 2 Helios", is a special short film released to promote Angry Birds 2: The Movie, and being released by Helios cinemas in Poland, on September 10, 2019.

This short film is mainly characterized by directly presenting the events that occurred after the second film, where it is shown that the eagles moved to Isla P√°jaro after the explosion of the Zeta Base, as well as the consequences of the truce between birds and pigs. .


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Description of Helios

"To save the world, enemies must become friends ... We invite you to positive screenings of the animated comedy" Angry Birds 2: The Movie "in our cinemas."


  • Red
  • Jerry
  • Baby
  • Silver
  • Leonard
  • Bomb
  • Courtney
  • Chuck


Red was at home, while he was finishing preparing popcorn to watch a movie on his television, when he turns it on, the movie begins to play, But Jerry happens near Red's house while cleaning the grass, for which greets Red from the window and leaves.

So Red angrily decides to raise the volume of his television, but suddenly a household appliance begins to ring, thus the connection to the television is lost for a moment, so Red decides to check the configuration of his television, while her phone also starts ringing and Baby starts barking when she sees Red.

In that he begins to ring the doorbell of his house too, so Red begins to get frustrated and angry at all the sounds, when he opens the door angrily, he sees that they were his friends, who invited him to the movies.

During that night, it is seen as they visit the cinema and watch a movie, while Red is relieved. Later, Jerry is shown returning when he sees Red leave the house, as he decides to eat the popcorn from the window, cautiously so that no one sees him and leaves.

TGV Cinemas version



  • This animated short was also released by the American chain of cinemas TGV Cinemas, where Silver's dialogue is also dubbed into the English language, and the cinema they visit is replaced [1].
  • It is one of the few animated shorts to show precise event consequences, after an Angry Birds movie.
  • The plot of the characters going to the movies to promote them, is similar to the short films "Bigger is Better" and "The Flock Visits".

Continuations to the film

  • The short film shows Jerry the eagle inhabiting Isla P√°jaro, which is implied that other eagles also moved to said island.
  • Zeta's dog, Baby, appears barking in a neighboring house in Red, so it is believed that Zeta moved to Isla Pajaro, after the explosion of his base.
  • In the Bird Island cinema there are more pigs in addition to Courtney and Leonard, implying that some pigs also moved to the island.
    • In Angry Birds MakerSpace it is shown that Red, Chuck, Bomb and the Chicks went to live temporarily in the MakerSpace building, managed and inhabited mainly by pigs.

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