The 2 Brides In Red (IMPORTANT)

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Quiubo to All I am Whykipedia on the weba page and I have an Entry that I do not think you like so much

It will seem an exaggeration what I will say but it is not

in the year 2011 in Angry Birds Seasons Hogs and Kisses Red had his First Girlfriend Red Bird Female (See Image)

Already After until 2013 Now his girlfriend is Stella (see image)

so it would mean that it is not known what happened to his first red girlfriend

Today's Questions Are: Can You Find Out Which Is The Real Girlfriend In Red?

What Happened To His First Girlfriend? and What Is Red's Real Name?

his first girlfriend

his current girlfriend

That was it and goodbye

and Help http: //es.amazingalex.weba page / webpage_Amazing_Alex

(or so Halopedia says)

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