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First apparition The Big Setup 9-1 (Angry Birds)
Power Super strength and large size
Gender Male
Size Giant
Scope Middle

Terence (also known as the Fat Red Bird o Big Brother Bird by the English name Big Brother) is one of the bird variants that appears in Angry Birds, it has the ability to destroy more things together, thus being able to eliminate pigs that are "buried" in many elements.

His first appearance was in the episode "The Big Setup" where the rest of the birds were kidnapped and he manages, only at first, to rescue Hal, although later he manages to free them all.

And because of his similar appearance on a larger scale, he is Red's older brother. In Angry Birds Space, he looks almost nothing like his brother.


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Terence is the same shape as Red, only bigger and stronger. It is a slightly more intense shade of red, with slightly ruffled belly feathers, and has more spots on its body than Red. It also has a strong frown.


Data message

  • Name: Terence
  • Known Nicknames: The Incredible Terence (In Angry Birds Space), The Wingman, Fat Red Bird, Big Brother Bird.
  • Affiliate Groups: The Flock, The Flock in Space.
  • Best friends: Red, Chuck, Jay Jake y Jim, Bomb, Matilda, Hal, Bubbles, Stella, Silver.
  • Enemies: King Pig, Cape Pig, Whiskers, Chef Pig, Common Pigs
  • Possible Family: Red (Brother), Tony (Cousin) Matilda (Wife) Zoe (Daughter) Zoe's Sisters (Daughters)


Terence is a very quiet and isolated bird that rarely shows emotion, sadness, or joy. His calm nature makes it difficult for the other members of the flock to bond with him, as he has never spoken at all, only making deep growls. Instead, the other birds like it and for being a quiet member of the flock. Terence's personality possibly comes from his past. He is extremely threatening and intimidating towards pigs and sometimes even birds are afraid of him, and the ground shakes when he walks. Although tough on the outside, Terence has shown fragments of his emotions to the other members of the herd. At times, he may even smile, although his excitement quickly subsides.

Powers and abilities

En Angry Birds Clásico, AB Seasons, AB Rio, AB Space, AB Friends y Angry Birds 2

Although strictly speaking, apparently it has no power, like Red, it only makes a scream when touching / clicking the mouse, but instead, it is incredibly large, massive and heavy, so when impacting against structures, it can cause severe damage even to the most compact buildings, easily breaking any material, be it glass, wood or stone.


  • He throws Terence towards pigs that are protected between many blocks, because he can easily break them.
  • Although it cannot completely destroy multiple square blocks, it can be used to knock them down, weaken other structures, or land on pigs.


In Angry Birds Friends, he is also a Power-Up, in which his power is an increase in his strength and speed, as well as his momentum. Also, when launched, comic book effects appear.

En Angry Birds Star Wars I y II

In these games its ability is similar to the classic one, although in addition, when it hits a structure, it generates a small earthquake that can easily crumble weaker structures.

En Angry Birds Go!

Here, Terence can generate a thunderstorm around his kart, causing all karts in the vicinity of his kart to be struck by lightning, causing them to temporarily stop and slow down.


The Incredible Terence (aka Terence in Angry Birds Space)

Currently Terence has the following variants:

  • "The Incredible Terence": In Angry Birds Space, the only thing that changes his appearance is his color, since now his plumage is green instead of red.
  • Chewbacca: In Angry Birds Star Wars I and II, he has brown hair all over his body, teeth in his beak, and a canana.
  • Heatwave: In Angry Birds Transformers, Terence is Heatwave in the video game. Like the rest of the characters, he can transform into a vehicle (he being a fire truck). Like the original, it is red with yellow, and has what appears to be a firefighting helmet.


  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Seasons 
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Friends
  • Angry Birds Space
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II
  • Angry Birds Go!
  • Angry Birds Epic (only as a judge in Arena battles)
  • Angry Birds Transformers
  • Angry Birds POP! (on the Pop-A-Pig daily level)
  • Angry Birds Fight!
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Angry Birds Action!
  • Angry Birds: The Movie
  • Angry Birds Evolution
  • Angry Birds 2: The Movie


  • Red also makes a sound, but it is less loud than Terence's.
  • He, Bomb, Stella, and Bubbles are the only birds without the bird on carcass effect.
  • Red, Tony and he are the only related birds.
  • In the Christmas Comic, it was revealed that his name is "Terence"when Red had a chat with him about the preparations for Christmas.
  • Terence is not afraid of Pigs.
  • He is the most powerful bird, mainly because of how heavy and large he is and because of which he can cause great destruction.
  • His super aliases are the Incredible Terence and Bash!
  • It is used a lot to do Power-Up like the heikki up, the magician or Wingman.
  • And Angry Birds Star Wars es Chewbacca.
  • In the last scene of the episode Gardening with Terence it is seen that he is smiling.
  • The polka dots on her stuffed animal are purple instead of dark red.
  • Even though Terence appears to be fearless of anything, he appears to be afraid of the Mighty Eagle on a promotional poster.
  • In Run Chuck Run caused Chuck to have an accident.
  • And Angry Birds 2 tenth cadaver.
  • Terence has never spoken in the comics and has generally only growled in the game since, according to the Nat Geo Angry Birds book, he has not said a word since childhood.
  • Terence makes Red's pained noises from Angry Birds Friends.
  •  He was the first bird to have a confirmed name.
  • Interestingly, even though Terence is the largest and probably the heaviest bird of all, he flies well when thrown by the slingshot.
  • Terence and Jay, Jake and Jim are the only male birds from Angry Birds Toons that have a female voice actress.
  • In Gardening with Terence, Terence is able to survive a rock thrown at him and a large TNT blast without showing any signs of being injured. Its duration may be one of the reasons why it doesn't have a corpse sprite.
  • In Angry Birds Toons, his body is much larger than in Angry Birds.
  • Terence has appeared on more levels than any other bird in The Big Setup
  • In Catch of the Day, Terence can float in the water although he sinks little by little.
  • Terence has a cousin who is very similar to him but is blue in color, his name is Tony and he appears for the first time in On Finn Ice.

Curiosities in the film

  • Terence accidentally breaks the slingshot in the movie before being cast.
  • According to the movie, he is in love with Matilda.
  • It is not known why he is in Matilda's anger management classes, although it is hinted that it was because he caused some damage.
  • Although Red is believed to be his brother, the film shows that they are not, as Red would not have met him if he had not gone to anger classes.

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