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Teeter-Trotter is episode 4 of Piggy Tales.


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Description of Toons.TV

Two little pigs are playing on a seesaw. They are trying to get him rocking chair, but one of the pigs is too big! So how can they get that big piggy bank into the air?

Plot and Plot

A little pig jumps on a seesaw several times, but in one of these, it does not bounce. It is observed later that it is because the one on the other side is a larger pig, who does not move at all. The large pig retreats from the seesaw, causing the small pig to crash into the ground as it falls, causing a strong blow. The little pig, seeing that the big pig is not having fun, asks him what is wrong with him, and the pig tells him that he cannot play on the seesaw because he cannot move, because it is very big. So the little pig comes up with an idea to move the biggest pig. He places a rocket attached to the large pig, with which he plans to lift it so that it can move. Once in place, he turns it on, but it does not rise high enough, and is unable to lift the pig. Then try several more rockets, first four, which fail, and then seven more, which detach from the ropes, and begin to float in the air, until they fall to the ground and explode. The explosion causes the piglets to shoot into the air, but when they see that the big pig finally managed to move, they rejoice, as they fly even higher.


  • Medium Pork
  • Big Pig


Piggy Tales Teeter Trotter S1 Ep4


  • The title of the episode is a reference to a toy called Teeter-Totter (Seesaw in Spanish).
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