Stone Bird

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Martí Micolau

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Stone Bird es un Angry Bird de Psy


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Stone is capable of creating a great tremor on the ground when he lands on the ground, it is very heavy and if you activate his other ability he will fall directly to the ground causing a strong wave.

Tricks and tips

It is advisable to throw Stone high and strongly due to its weight and it is also to be used on the ground because of the wave. But if instead of collapsing the structures you want to destroy them, you will have to launch very high and when it is on the desired structure, its ability is activated


Unlike almost all Angry birds, Stone does not have an angry expression. Stone has two spikes on the sides of the forehead and a large base, referencing the shape of an anvil.

Games in the appears

It has not appeared in any yet.


  • Given its brown color and its power, it is possible that it is based on Kirby's iron and rock ability: Iron by weight and because it is based on a metallic object and rock by color. And in both cases for its ability to fall suddenly to crush enemies or objects.
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