Star Bird

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Joel Fulleda

Artwok de Star Bird

Star Bird es un Angry Bird de Psy


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Star Bird has a very useful power: touching a material Star Bird makes it disappear from all that level. But if his other ability is activated, Star Bird will disappear and a large star-shaped meteorite will fall where it was going to fall. But if the meteor falls, no particular object will disappear.

Tricks and tips

The best way to take advantage of it is directing it against the harder materials to get rid of them or using its ability to more accurately get rid of pigs


Star Bird has light colors except for the beak, which is somewhat long and gray. Star Bird has a large yellow star on its forehead that symbolizes its stellar powers. its body is yellow, its tail is arrow-shaped, and its eyebrows, belly, and tail are light orange.

Games in the appears

It has not appeared in any yet.

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