Star Angry Birds: Zombies

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Lluís Enric Mayans

The pigs have turned into zombies, and they have infected the birds. In a world of terror, what

The old image of the game

zombies do not know, is that there are survivors, a few survivors ... This game is more than a platform game, a 3rd person shooter style game That is, you will control a bird, and you will go throughout the continent of Eura-phrasia (Africa + Asia + Europe) in search of the alpha zombie, the carrier. Although there will also be some levels (Worlds) with tributes to other Games even if they are not Angry Birds.

Game Information Sheet in PEGI.


  • 1 You artillery
  • 2 List of zombies.
    • 2.1 Birds
    • 2.2 Human zombies
    • 2.3 Zombies de plants vs zombies
  • 3 Worlds

You artillery

The birds will take a design like in Star Angry Birds.

These are your controllable birds:

-12 Ice Birds.

-1 Brown bird.

-3 yellow birds.

-7 purple birds.

-10 red birds.

-6 blue birds (divided by 3x18).

-5 black birds.

-8 white birds.

-3 chickens lasers.

-2 chikens.

-3 small chickens.

-17 orange birds.

-20 fat red birds.

-8 boomerang birds.

-3 Mightys Eagles.

-4 Mightys Dragons.

-3 hockeys birds.

There are also fish, only more numerous. They will move correctly thanks to a robot with 2 legs and 2 arms that you can control by mind (although in the game like any bird, of course e_e).

-18 red fish.

-22 blue sardines.

-27 black trout.

-25 yellow monkfish.

-31 orange fish.

-17 Mightys Sharks.

-5 seagulls.

-30 sockeye salmon. Other Controllable Characters (Sorted Alphabetically)

But Not Only There Are Angry Birds Other Characters were also not Infected and will also help in this Game

-Captain Falcon (F-Zero)

-Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western)

-Falco (Star Fox)

-Fox (Star Fox)

-Kirby (Kirby)

-Meta Knight (Kirby)

-Rey Dedede (Kirby)

-Pit (Kid Icarus)

-Solid Snake (Metal Gear)

-Sniper (Team Fortress2)

-Soldier (Team Fortress2)

-Wolf (Star Fox)

-Yoshi (Yoshi)

List of zombies.

There are zombies of all kinds.


There will be ... many.

-367 red birds.

  • Red zombie
  • One of the zombie blues
  • Chuck zombie
  • Bomb zombie
  • Matilda zombie
  • various zombie pigs
  • un cerdo zombie en angry birds toons
  • the new look of the game
  • the new version of a zombie bird
  • Bubbles pigs and Terence zombies

-401 blue birds.

-297 white birds.

-573 orange birds.

-374 green birds.

-278 black birds.

-342 yellow birds.

-187 fat red birds.

-270 chickens of all kinds.

In the game you should, or at least try to disinfect everyone. At the beginning of the game, you will have to send them to the laboratory then you can disinfect them in the normal game.


  • Old version of a zombie pig
  • Here it shows a classic style level.
  • Game logo
  • All the zombie birds
  • An army of zombie pigs
  • Bubles and millions of zombie pigs
  • Zombie pigs eating candy
  • Bubles and a zombie pig

-Little zombie pig.

-Medium zombie pig.

-Large zombie pig.

-Giant zombie pig.

-Pig with zombie helmet.

-Pig with zombie mustache.

-Mecha Pig.

-Mecha Zombie Pig.

-Cerdo XXL zombie.

-Nigel zombie.

.-Oka-Tuna-Ro zombie.

-Cerdflish little zombie.

-Cerdflish normal zombie.

-Cerdflish big zombie.

-Cerdflish evolved zombie.

-Cerdflish evolved big zombie.

-Cerdflish zombie boss.

-Cerdflish evolved zombie boss.

-Emperor Zombie Pig.

-Emperor cerdflish zombie.

-Commander pig zombie.

-King pig caw-boy zombie.

-Zombie mining pig king.

-Zombie Oka-Tuna-Ro undead.

-Mecha Oka-Tuna-Ro.

The numbers are possibly infinite. Except for some, such as kings and emperors, the different forms of Oka-Tuna-Ro, Nigel etc ...

Human zombies

-Normal zombie.

-Zombie destructor.



-Zombie resistance.

-Zombie attack.

-Zombie speed.

-Zombie defense.

-Raptor zombie.

-Zombie dog.

-Freeze zombie.


-Venom zombie.

-Heavy venom zombie.

-Heavy freeze zombie.

-Zombie sniper.

-Zombie machine gunner.

-Zombie mina.

-Giga zombie.

Zombies de plants vs zombies

There are zombies from plants vs zombies, like parody and cameos.

Zombie normal.pirate gargantuar

The doctor. zomboss is the right hand of the zombie alpha. The one who carries the virus, the creator of the zombies, is actually Kirby ...


  1. The awakening
  2. Zombies ... in Finland?
  3. Frozen Zombies
  4. Poached Zombies (Poached Eggs, Angry Birds)
  5. Utombies (Utopia, Angry Birds Space y Space Seasons)
  6. In a bleak world
  7. Spain: The Last Mutant Resistance
  8. The Lost Islands of the Undead [Real name: Islas Baleares] (World of the Undead, Rayman 3)
  9. Golden Crowns
  10. Coming Soon
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