Sprung Out

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Sprung Out (To sprout) is the 11th episode of Angry Birds Blues.


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YouTube description

The Blues are catapulted into a turbulent situation when the Mighty Express delivers the wrong pieces.


  • Jay, Jake y Jim
  • Mighty Eagle (Mighty Express)
  • Vincent (cameo)
  • Will (cameo)
  • Zoe (cameo)


The Blues were looking at a magazine until they decide to order a catapult, when the delivery arrives they build the catapult. So they decide to throw a cherry at some chicks, but the catapult did not launch as expected.

Then they realize that a spring is missing, so they order a spring, they tried many times but they got a lot of things that were not springs. Until some woods that look like springs arrive in a box and one of the Blues goes crazy

Later they realize that the wood served as a spring, so they make the catapult work, when they were going to launch a box with the spring falls.


  • After months without uploading a new episode, the official Angry Birds channel on YouTube uploaded this episode


Angry Birds Blues Sprung Out - S1 Ep11 New

Angry Birds Blues
Season 2017
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