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Snowy Peaks in the episode Wreck the Halls

Each filtering bag Snowy peaks They are an area of ​​Piggy Island, they are peaks with a cold climate located east of Piggy Island. This is the perfect place to enjoy Christmas or if you want to play in the snow even if it is summer. They are divided into 3 parts: the Snowy Peaks, which are the tops of the 3 mountains, the Land of Canyons which is the western part of the mountains, Inverland, which is at the foot of the mountains and the Islands in the Sky which are In the mountains, Peak 1 is 3986m, Peak 2 is 4567m, and 3 is 3997m.


  • Angry Birds Seasons: En los episodios Season's Greedings, Wreck the Halls y Winter Wonderham.
  • Angry Birds Go!: En el episodio Sub Zero.

Angry Birds Epic

Appears in Angry Birds Epic, with 15 levels in total:

  • Inverlandia - 1
  • Inverlandia - 2
  • Inverlandia - 3
  • Inverlandia - 4
  • Inverlandia - 5
  • Land of Canyons - 1
  • Land of Canyons - 2
  • Land of Canyons - 3
  • Islands in the Sky - 1
  • Islands in the Sky - 2
  • Islands in the Sky - 3
  • Snowy Peaks - 1
  • Snowy Peaks - 2
  • Snowy Peaks - 3
  • Pig Castle of the Mountains

The Snowy Peaks in the episode Winter Wonderham.

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