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Slingshot 101 It is episode 11 of the first season of Angry Birds Toons and of the entire series in general.


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Description of Toons.TV

Red teaches the Blues a lesson when he finds them playing with the sling, but soon finds the boot on the other foot.


Red is tending the eggs when he sees the Blues skating around the slingshot. He walks up to them and as he does so, three pigs hidden in a bush slowly move towards the eggs. Red tells the Blues to stop, but they just ignore him and go back to playing the slingshot.

Red keeps looking at the eggs, and the pigs hiding in the bush, and barely looks at him until he sees the Blues playing on the slingshot once more. Red walks up to them again and shows them how to use the slingshot properly. As he does so, he realizes that the pigs are stealing the eggs. He yells and accidentally launches himself with the slingshot. Red falls off a nearby cliff, causing the Blues to laugh at him.

Red later sees the Blues and the pigs fighting. He believes that the Blues are being attacked around the sling with violence, by three pigs, while they are taking the eggs. Then imagine the Pig King laughing wickedly, the Chef Pig cooking the eggs, and the Pig King eating them. Red makes a face at the thought, and goes quickly to the place, where the Blues are, but it is seen that they have defeated the pigs. The Blues then shoot the pigs with the slingshot. Red praises them. Later, Red and the Blues perform tricks with their skateboards on the slingshot.


The BluesRed


  • Angry Birds Toons theme has re - orchestrated music. It is still the music of Do as I Say !, when Matilda saves the pig's eggs.
  • Before ignoring Red, one of the Blues imitates Red, as in the episode Do as I Say, where he imitates Matilda.
  • This is King Pig's fourth appearance in a Toons episode since he's mentioned.
  • When Red imagines King Pig eating the eggs, King Pig's laugh is slightly higher than his normal tone of voice. Also, the stalks on the pig king's crown are drooping. However, in the episodes that appeared in reality, the crown stalks are sticking upwards.
  • This is the Pig Chef's second appearance since he's mentioned and shown.
  • This is the first time it shows the eggs cracking out since imaginary is mentioned.
  • If you look closely at the bottom of the bush where pigs are hiding, you can see the hooves of the little pigs.
  • One of the Blues posing as Red faced the Blues he normally had in early movie trailers.
  • This episode is similar to Do as I Say: the Blues do stunts while another bird says no, the pigs try to steal the eggs, the Blues imitate the bird that prohibits them, and after a while, the bird joins the Blues in what they're doing.
  • Red goes flat after he is accidentally thrown.
  • Before revealing what is really happening in the place that was the slingshot, Red's eyes are illuminated, in the fact that he wanted to save the Blues and their eggs.
  • In some scenes, Red's appearance is different.
  • The cliff where Red landed is probably where the Chuck Time episode took place.
  • At the bottom of Red's skateboard is a skull.
  • This is the second time there is an imaginary pig, and the first time there is a pair of them. It is the second time that skateboards appear. The other time they appear is in the episode of True Blue?
  • The mixer in the Chef Pig scene is almost floating in the air.
  • This is the sixth episode with the slingshot. The first was Chuck Time, the second was Full Metal Chuck, the third Cordon Bleugh !, the fourth True Blue? and the fifth Do as I Say.
  • In this episode and in Off Duty it seems that when the eggs are in danger, Red can move very fast, covering the entire distance from the cliff of the sling in a matter of seconds.
  • The sound of pigs yelling at the Blues (in Red's imagination) were used for the Angry Birds 2 game.
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