Skunk Bird

Who I am
Alejandra Rangel
Skunk Bird
Powers Explode and rot it all
First apparition: Angry Birds Space Seasons
Gender: Male
Species: Bird-Skunk
Places: En los juegos Angry Birds Space Seasos, Angry Birds Space Rio, Star Angry Birds, Star Wars Birds (?)
Alcance: Very high
Size: Medium

Skunk Bird (AKA Stink Bomb Bird) is the New Bird of Angry Birds Space Seasons Originally it was a supposed new Bird created by Rovio but when it was produced on April Fool's Day He said it was a Joke but not on June 26, 2012 Angry was launched Birds Space Summer (or better said: Seasons) and With Him El Pajaro came into action


Touching a Surface or Screen can Choke Pigs with its smell and rot Ice, Wood and Rocks (!)

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