Selfie Stick Challenge!

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Selfie Stick Challenge! is the 14th episode of Angry Birds MakerSpace, being released on November 9, 2019 on YouTube.


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YouTube description

The flock pulls out their trusty selfie sticks to show that taking selfies doesn't always have to be selfish. Or in focus.


  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • Vincent
  • Zoe
  • Will


Red gives a selfie stick to Zoe, Vincent and Chuck accompanied by Bomb, to start the Selfie Stick Challenge, when they go to take selfies, Red takes a picture of his head. Then Chuck and Bomb get on a unicycle in the lab, disguised as payazos, when they go to take the picture, they fall off the unicycle, making the photo blur, except for Chuck's payazo nose, so that Chuck and Bomb like the result. Vincent is later seen taking a selfie on a red carpet. Zoe is then seen wearing a red scarf in the kitchen, so the photo is taken.

Some time later they enter the room of Will, who was sick, Red gives him a selfie stick with a cell phone, so that they can take a picture together, while the others joined those of their cell phones, which all had something red. , to form a heart. When Will takes the photo, the episode ends by focusing on the image.


Angry Birds MakerSpace - Selfie Stick Challenge! - S1 Ep14

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