Who I am
Valery Aloyants
First apparition Angry Birds 2: The Movie
Power Steal food
Gender Female
Size Small
Scope None

La Seal (Seal in English) is a character that appears in Angry Birds 2: The Movie, who lives on Eagle Island, this Seal used to steal Zeta's food, which made him frustrated. She is in love with Baby, Zeta's dog, as it is discovered when Silver and Red sneak through the ducts.


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It is a totally white seal, with large eyes, and with a large rear fin.


  • Angry Birds 2: The Movie


Baby and Seal Quote

The Seal lived on Aguila Island, where he used to steal Zeta's food, which made him frustrated, he very quickly entered, stole food, usually fish, and left through a hole.

Then he began to fall in love and go out with Baby, Zeta's dog, where they had a romantic date. When Zeta's base explodes, Baby is thrown into the water by defrosting, the Seal tries to prevent Baby from falling into the water and freezing again, but he is unsuccessful and Baby is freezing again.

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