Santa Claus

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Martí Micolau
Santa Claus
First apparition Christmas Comic
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Gender Male
Size Great
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Santa Claus, also known as Papai Noel or Viejito Pascuero, is a man who operates in the North Pole, taking care of distributing gifts to good birds and pigs during Christmas. Santa Claus is often helped by his reindeer and elves at the festivities.


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  • Name: Santa Claus
  • Amigos: Mighty Eagle, Birds, Pigs, Goblins (assistants), Reindeer (pets)
  • Enemies: Pig Santa (impostor)


Santa Claus is an older man who mainly wears a red suit with white edges. He has a large white beard and a characteristic red cap with a white, circular and fluffy tip, he also uses a belt and black boots, as well as white gloves on his hands.


Santa Claus is a friendly and charismatic person, who enjoys giving gifts during Christmas to the good birds and pigs around Pig Island. He also usually needs help on some occasions, such as needing the help of the Mighty Eagle to make a reindeer fly.


  • Christmas Comic
  • Angry Birds Toons
    • Jingle Yells
  • Angry Birds Friends
    • Hogmas Hoax: Saving Santa Tournament


Meeting the Mighty Eagle

After a Christmas camping trip made by the Mighty Eagle, he found a magnificent city, which was the home of Santa Claus, the elves and the reindeer, Santa asked the Mighty Eagle to teach him to fly his reindeer, so he tried to do it with a slingshot. After several attempts, the deer finally flew away, so Santa told the Mighty Eagle the meaning of Christmas, which was to sit alone in peace and reflect on the really important things.

Visiting Pig Island

During a Christmas night, Santa Claus travels to Pig Island with his sleigh and reindeer, delivering gifts and wishing its inhabitants happy holidays, among them, were Jay, Jake and Jim, who received gifts very happy while they watched Santa Claus in heaven.

Imprisoned by the Holy Pig

In a Christmas tournament, Santa Claus would be caught and imprisoned by the Pig Santa, while he replaced him during the holiday, however, when the pig was destroyed by the birds, they would free the real Santa Claus.

En Angry Birds Friends


  • Santa Claus is one of the few humans with registered names, within the Angry Birds universe.


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