Who I am
Joel Fulleda
Powers Sound
First apparition: Cut scene Hogs and Kisses
Gender: Female
Species: Cardinal
Places: Hogs And Kisses
Alcance: Median
Size: Median

Ruby first appeared in Angry Birds Seasons: Hogs and Kisses. It only appears in Toons.


  • 1 Names:
  • 2 Friends
  • 3 Relationships
  • 4 If I were from Suicide Squad
  • 5 Humanization and Data
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There are many lots of names these are the names there are Crystal, Lucy and Red Girl Bird.


Red (twin brother), Matilda (Friend), Bomb (Friend), Stella (Friend) and Chuck (Friend)


Red (Twin Brother)

Frosh (husband)

If I was from Suicide Squad

Humanization and Data

  • Name: Ruby Sherlyn Jhonson Roberts
  • Known Nicknames: TBA
  • Place and date of birth: San José, California, United States; June 29, 1989
  • Social origin: Middle class
  • Age: 32 years
  • Female gender
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Likes: His brother, his friends, ramen, sakura (cherry), nintendo video games, manga and samurais
  • Dislikes: Being forgotten compared to her siblings, the Nintendo 64 and Superman 64
  • Highlights: She loves her brother a lot to the point that Red usually buys her from Hanako Yamada
  • Fighting Style: Judo
  • Quote: ´´Although Terence is our older brother, I always saw my twin brother Red as a brother dad, he is also my brother, he is my best friend.

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