Red y Silver (fanfic)

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Lluís Enric Mayans

For the couple, see Red and Silver.

Red y Silver (name not defined) is a fanfic that will be based on Angry Birds Toons. Production began in September 2017 and would end on June 8, 2018. The fic was requested by fans after a survey.


Everything starts normally. Chuck and Stella were playing with a ping pong table. Dahlia was doing paintings for Willow while the latter waited. Poppy was planning a prank on Bubbles. Who was playing a Drone race with Luca. Bomb was playing with her tablet. But what he didn't know was that he was on top of Terence. Matilda was making lunch for later. Hal was teaching Silver how to count. And Red only looked after the eggs.

What a shame. They doing fun and I with my usual job. Take care of the eggs and make sure the pigs don't steal them. - thought Red

Meanwhile, Hal and Silver ...

Good, Silver. This is easy. Now let's solve what is 4 + 2? asked Hal

I know. It's cookie! - Silver answered

It's not that! ... Good. Let's repeat: How much is 4 + 2? asked Hal

Cracker. - Silver answered

Hal got very angry upon hearing that answer. So he tried to calm down. But..

You know? I think I have something better to say ... * Gets angry * I quit! - yelled Hal

Hal! I thought it was going well. - Silver said

Until you blew it! All I'm saying is how much is 4 + 2? and you answer me with a stupid cookie! You are stupid, moronic, retarded and you do not deserve respect ... - said Hal

Red was hearing Hal scream. So he was on his way.

I think you must have stayed like a yolk in an egg. So the pigs would eat you and you would not have been born. Why? Why don't you pay attention, why don't you do your part ... and because of your lack of intelligence! - yelled Hal

Silver began to realize what Hal said. Then he started crying. Red felt something for her. So it was with her.

Silver. I've never seen you cry. What's the matter? - asked Red

Net! * Hugs Red * It's Hal. Hal got mad at me for how stupid I am. Hal quit being my teacher. And that broke my heart. Now I realize that I should never have been with you. - Silver answered

Do not say that. I think we'd better go inside and talk about this. - said Red

Red and Silver went inside the tree. Even just to talk about what happened.

Good, Silver. Tell me what happened. - said Red

Well. Hal was like my teacher. He used to teach me things. But due to my lack of intelligence, he quit. He got mad calling me stupid. Then he said that I shouldn't have been born. And that made me realize that he is right. - Silver explained

That I wanted to know. Thank you very much for your help. I'll see what I can do. While resting here. - said Red

Red saw Hal very angry. So it was with him. But...

Don't think I don't feel your presence, Red. But if you come close to me, I'll peck at your face. - said Hal

Hal. I know you are angry. But Silver needs your help. - said Red

Silver I don't care. Neither you nor. Hey. Accept it. Silver is a moron. You can not do anything. He doesn't even want to show it. I think you should kick her out of the flock. Otherwise, the expelled will be you. - said Hal

What if I leave the flock, who leads? - asked Red

I could. I always keep up to date and participate in everything. Either playing with those in the flock and protecting eggs. And you're just a bitter stupid who just keeps complaining about everything. Also, you have no powers. And without them you are nothing. Trust me, I can go back and forth like a boomerang. And this is my power. And in this flock, everyone except you has powers. Chuck can run fast. Stella shoots herself at a target like a bullet. Although it is also very fast. Terence is a good wrecker. Like the Hulk. Bomb can explode. Matilda throws grenade eggs. Which sounds strange to me. Poppy turns into a tornado. Willow throws herself like a circular saw. Bubbles inflates. Dahlia goes through materials and hits. Luca screams breaking the glass. The blues unite. But when they launch they separate. And if that wasn't enough, Silver just throws himself down hard. Of course. Even though she hardly knows how to use that power. And finally, I jump in and boomerang back. And what powers do you have? None! And because? Because you are nothing! You are nothing without your powers! - said Hal

Red finally left without answering a single word.

That's how it is. Scream like a crying chick! - yelled Hal

At dinner time, everyone was at the table. But...

And Red? We can't have dinner without him. - Matilda asked

It went screaming in its nest above the tree. He said he wasn't hungry. - answered Hal

I do not believe that. It is best if you talk to him. Can I help you. - said Dahlia

Do not be stupid. Capable of Red pecking at your face. Since he is a screamer without powers. - said Hal

Hal. You behave in a somewhat strange way. I think I'll talk to you later. - said Dahlia

And then Dahlia went to talk to Red.

Red. I know you're awake. What's going on? Dahlia asked

You wouldn't mind knowing. - Red replied

Listens. Lately I see you somewhat sad. You didn't even want to go out to dinner. I know you are afraid to say it but trust me. * Gets sad * I want to help you. - said Dahlia

Red had to get up to explain what happened.

* Sighs * It all started when Hal got mad at Silver. Silver told me that Hal used to teach him. But he quit and didn't want to do anything. So I went to Hal to figure this out. Hal explained to me that Silver was retarded. And nobody could do anything. He told me to expel her. Or else I would go. I asked him who would lead the flock. Hal told me he would do better. * A tear comes out * He told me that everyone except me has powers. * Starts to cry * And without my powers, it was nothing. More than a bitter fool. I left without saying anything. And I was thinking: Hal is right. I should never have been the leader of this flock. I always complain about everything. And I am nothing without powers. But a squeaky chick. I guess you know what it's like to live a memory like this. A hell with no way out. The one where I spend my whole life being tortured. Just like in cartoons from the 40s. Or worse. This is how I always feel. And that cannot be reversed. - explained Red

I'm sorry. * Hugs Red * Listen. Hal's sick in the head. Whatever happens, you will always be our leader. With or without powers, you still serve us. You are not stupid. Hey. You can still get by. So don't cry Just trust yourself. I hope you understand. - said Dahlia

* Stops crying * Thank you, Dahlia. - said Red

No. Thank you for trusting me and telling me what happened. Now we have dinner before the food gets cold. And don't worry about Hal. I will talk with him. - said Dahlia

Red and Dahlia went out for dinner. And everything went smoothly. But...

Ready. Red is calm, and now we are all dining at ease. - said Dahlia

Excellent. But what about Hal? - Matilda asked

Then I talk to him. And I hope you tell me the truth. - Dahlia replied

Hearing that, Hal began to feel nervous. After this, they all went to sleep. Except for Hal and Dahlia. Since they had an unfinished business.

Okay, Hal. Tell me what happened this afternoon. - said Dahlia

He was teaching Silver a little math. But after answering me with a silly cookie, I got really mad and quit. After this, Red first went to talk to Silver. The gossip explained that it was me. Then Red went to me. I told him Silver was a moron. I also told him to eject her or else Red would leave the flock. He asked me who would lead the flock without him and I replied that I would. After this, I pointed out to him that he should never have led the flock. Since he never had powers and was only bitter. After all this, Red left without answering anything. - Hal explained

Well. With that we conclude. I am very disappointed in you. And I would hope the whole flock would be like this with you. You can go. - said Dahlia

Hal and Dahlia went to sleep in their respective nests. Meanwhile, Silver had a nightmare. So he climbed up the tree. Where Red was. Silver slept with Red and felt at ease. Silver gave him a peck on the cheek. And that brought happiness to the sleeping Red. The next morning, after waking up, Red woke up realizing that Silver was hugging him.

You are beautiful when you sleep. - thought Red

Red got up giving him a kiss on the forehead. When they got out, Red started to feel weird. Her heart was pounding, she was blushing, and she was beginning to think of Silver.

Red. I see you woke up fine. Stella and I will go upstairs to prevent a team of five pigs from putting up a flag. What do you say if we go? Chuck asked

I have an unfinished business today. You better have fun without me. - Red replied

Oh. Of course. Well. See ya. - Chuck said

Chuck and Stella went to the mountain. So Red went to Matilda to talk about a topic.

Matilda. I have something to say and it is something that I do not know if it would be normal or abnormal. - said Red

Ahead. After all, there is no one here. - Matilda said

Except me! - said Luca

Luca! This is private. You can't get into someone else's. - said Red

Sorry. * Leaves * Good. Bye. - said Luca

And it said ... I don't know if something normal or abnormal sounds to you. But I'm starting to have feelings for Silver. I can't stop thinking about her and I feel ... I don't want to say the rest. - said Red

I see ... * makes her happy face * You fell in love with Silver. - Matilda said

Yes. I fell in love with her. And I don't know if that is a mistake. - said Red

Well. In fact it is not a mistake that you fall in love with her. It seems normal to me. - Matilda said

Seriously? Wow. That makes me happy. But ... what do I do first? - asked Red

Well. Hal said he didn't want to teach Silver anymore. So you could take his place. - Matilda replied

Maybe yes. But I'm not sure. - said Red

Think about it, Red. You're smarter. That is why we support you as a leader. - Matilda said

Sure ... I understand ... Exactly! That is why I am a leader. For my intelligence. - said Red

Indeed! Now go to her and do what Hal couldn't. - Matilda said

Very well. Wish me luck. - said Red

Red went inside the tree to wait for Silver. After a few minutes, Silver reached the tree realizing that Red was already there.

Net? Are you? asked Silver

That's how it is. But now with the role of your mentor. - Red replied

Yay! But what is a mentor? asked Silver

A mentor is someone who coaches you, teaches you, and gives you advice. Also, it helps you until you know a lesson. - Red replied

That sounds great. And if you are my mentor, who am I from you? asked Silver

It is easy. From today you will be my student. And a student is someone who has to be taught by a teacher or a mentor. - Red replied

That seems like a good idea. - Silver said

Well! Now let's get started ... Say your name. Just say your name. - said Red

Silver. I am Silver. - Silver said

Very well. Now say my name. - said Red

Net! - Silver said

Well. We just repeat this and you will remember. - said Red

A few minutes have passed. Silver finally remembered her name. Then Red and Silver went out there for her to call out his name.

Well. Introduce yourself. - said Red

I am Silver. - Silver said

Say it louder. - said Red

I'm Silver! - Silver said

Say it as loud as possible until they hear you! - shouted Red

I'm Silver! - shouted Silver

Silver repeated his name only 5 more times. Until they went home for her to have a cup of tea with honey and lemon.

I hope you are finally well. I know how much yelling leaves someone with a shattered larynx. Dahlia told me that this tea fixes your vocal cords in a few minutes. I know that you won't be able to say anything during this time. - said Red

Rather not yell at all or the vocal cords would get worse. - Silver said

Where did you learn that from? - asked Red

I think by myself ... When you just mentioned to me that tea fixes my vocal cords. - Silver answered

* Hugs her * Wow! My student is getting smarter and smarter. - said Red

* Laughs * Stop it, Red. You tickle me. - Silver said

Sorry. - said Red

It seems that you guys get along the best. - said Dahlia

Yes. He's better than Hal. - Silver said

Sure ... Well, Red. Keep it up. * Leaves * But don't go overboard. - said Dahlia

I'll keep it in mind! - said Red

Go out of line? And what is that? asked Silver

I'd rather you don't know. - Red replied

Night had come. Red decided to go resting in the tree. Thinking of Silver and continuing to help her. But there was a problem. Hal was making a secret plan to get Red off the island. The next morning...

Hi, Red. I see you want to get off this island. - said Hal

* Drinks coffee * No. I'm not in the mood. - said Red

Come on, little boy. I know you want to go traveling to other islands. - said Hal

Stop playing the moron. Today I have pending. But if you want you can travel alone. Or accompany me to teach Silver. - said Red

Thanks, Red. But you better take care of yourself. I wish you luck. - said Hal

Evening had come. Hal was making some very secret plans. Starting with locking himself in Dahlia's laboratory. Meanwhile, Red would continue to teach Silver.

All right, Silver. Let's start with something easier. What is 3 + 2? - asked Red

Cracker! - Silver answered

You did not understand the question well. - said Red

But if it is a cookie. Cookie, cookie! - Silver said

Well. Just let me come out to breathe and we will continue right away. - said Red

Then he went out for a while to get even by throwing his tantrums and yelling rude words during his 10 seconds. Until seeing Willow counting her brushes, she had an idea. And that idea would be to show him some beads. Then...

Wait a minute, Silver. Something gave me an idea. - said Red

Idea? What's that? - Silver said

I think the best thing will be to teach you to count. But first let me give you a dictionary so that you know some words like counting, etc ... - said Red

Moments after Red taught him a few words in the dictionary, he was teaching him to count.

All right, Silver. The question is: Here we have 2 Cookies in a box. But if we put 3 Cookies, how many are they? - asked Red

There are five cookies. - Silver answered

Excellent! But if you eat 1 cookie, how many are left? - asked Red

There are four left. - Silver said

Excellent. I know it took a few days but at least it was worth it. Since you're a little bit smarter, you deserve a little star. - said Red.

Then Red gives Silver a star on the forehead.

And remember. The smarter you are, the more stars you will have for completing tasks. I know it will take years to get smart but it will be worth it. - said Red

Meanwhile, Dahlia was thinking about going to the lab. But unfortunately she couldn't open it because of Hal.

Hal! I know you are there! Open the door I need to enter! - yelled Dahlia

* Opens the door * Excuse me. I was hanging out in your lab. - said Hal

I hope you don't hurt my lab or pluck your feathers the way I did Red when I saw him giving Poppy flowers. - said Dahlia

In the tree...

And that bare part on your butt? asked Silver

It was because I gave Poppy flowers so she would make a prank on pigs. - Red replied

That Dahlia was really crazy about you. - Silver said

I know. And I for you ... - said Red

That? - exclaimed Silver

Nothing, little silver! - said Red nervously

... Ok ... - said Silver

What do you say if we continue? - asked Red

I think it is a great idea. - Silver answered

Days had passed. While Red was teaching Silver, Hal was creating formulas to get rid of Red and resume his role as Silver's mentor. After completing the class ...

Excellent work, platita. Now it was time for an exam. You only remember what I taught you during these days. Remember that I have repeated it to you several times. Keep in mind that for an exam, you have to pay attention to the questions. I'm leaving for now. I'll be back to see if you completed the exam. - said Red

After Red left, Silver started taking the exam. While Red started by drinking a glass of water. But what she didn't know was that she was poisoned. As she swallowed water, she foamed at her mouth, her stomach started to ache, and she eventually began to feel dizzy.

To network! - Dahlia exclaimed

After this, Dahlia injected him with a cure and took him to the nest to rest him and let him heal. If so, Dahlia had to test the water Red drank. Meanwhile, Silver had already finished the test and put it on the desk. But suddenly, Hal came back to teach Silver one more time.

Hal? What are you doing here? asked Silver

Red died. So I decided to resume my position as your teacher. From now on you will call me Professor Hal and do what I ask. - said Hal

Do not lie to me. How and what did he die of? asked Silver

Let's say a cardiorespiratory arrest. No one gave him CPR while he was choking on the glass of little water he drank. - answered Hal

It is not true! * Hits Hal and leaves * I better go check on him! - Silver said

Come back here or I'll rip your pompadour! - yelled Hal

At the laboratory...

* Knocks on the door * I need to go inside to see Red! - Silver said

Excellent. Come in while the doorbell is ringing. - said Dahlia

After all this ...

Excellent that you are here. But maybe Red couldn't wake up right now. But like in the early morning. I'm not sure what time. But you are sure to wake up with a great deal of hunger. - said Dahlia

That seems horrible. What was the first thing that happened? asked Silver

At first he thought he was about to die from an infection. But he actually got poisoned from the water that someone contaminated. Which gave him rage, stomach pain, and dizziness. I also hope that he does not die as I have created a very reliable cure that I did during my experience on Piggy Island. - Dahlia replied

Poisoned? So he didn't get hurt. Someone tried to kill him. - Silver said

Exactly! Therefore I will question the entire flock. - said Dahlia

* Holds the microphone button * I don't want to enter your lab. I just wanted to tell you that I saw Hal with your lab supplies and I feel like something wrong may be up to. - said Poppy

* Turns on the microphone * I'll be right there. - said Dahlia

After all this, Dahlia was capturing Hal and going back to her things. At the laboratory...

But if it is Dahlia. The idiot scientist who captured me. How did you find out that I am? asked Hal

Poppy discovered some vials lying around you. You did not put them together and with that we discover you. - Dahlia replied

Excellent. Ask Poppy to come here. I want to pluck the feathers. - said Hal

Better I rip them from you. - said Dahlia

And because? asked Hal

Because you poisoned Red. - Dahlia replied

Poison him? Nel! He only drowned with a glass of little water. - said Hal

That is not true! Why did you poison him? Dahlia asked

I told you I didn't poison him! - Hal answered angrily

* Shocks Hal * Get stupid! Why did you poison him? Answer or I'll rip your pick off and use it as a golf club! Explain to me why did you try to kill him? Dahlia asked

Well! I wanted to resume my position as Silver's teacher. But Red took the job from me. So I didn't need to kill him! - answered Hal

Just that I wanted to know. When Red hears that from you, he'll see what to do. I hope I fire you. For now I'm leaving you here until you relax. - said Dahlia

Of course! We'll see ... - said Hal

Evening had come. Many of the flock (especially Silver) were saddened by what happened to Red because of Hal.

Was it really Hal? Chuck asked

Did Red die? - asked Stella

To begin with, Red is not dead. He's just asleep. Resting and healing from poisoning. - Dahlia replied

What a relief. Then it may be okay. Although unfortunately you will wake up hungry. - Matilda said

Correct. This time you were kind of smart. - Matilda said

Dawn had come. They were all very sad about Red. But also because of Hal's attempt to kill Red. Silver was the one who looked the most sad. This because he loved Red very much. Silver went to the door to ask Dahlia. The latter let her pass. After this, Silver left a plate of food for Red for him to eat after waking up. A very pleasant detail that no one had done to Red.

Here is a plate for you when you wake up. * Kisses him on the forehead * They are breaded ravioli. I know you will love them. * Leans back to Red * I don't want you to die. I want us to stay together. Together forever ... - said Silver

Hours had passed. The dawn still continued. Red had woken up to a plate of breaded ravioli. Although also eating them. Also learning that Silver was lying on him.

I thought I had died. How did I come back to life? - thought Red

The sun began to rise. Silver had woken up seeing Red playing with his tablet. Even there was a problem. Hal was awake but somewhat angry.

Oh, wow. But I do see the teacher and the student very in love. - said Hal

It is fraternity. No love. - said Red

And do you think that should matter to me? asked Hal

Of course. So you don't bother. - Red replied

Well. If I see you kissing her, I'll have your leader rank taken from you. And so they will make me leader of the flock. - said Hal

We'll see ... - said Red

A few hours passed. After healing, Red was reviewing Silver's exam. But...

You passed. Therefore you are 10. Which means that you are fine. - said Red

Happens? Stop ... I passed! - exclaimed Silver with happiness

Silver passed work. So Silver could no longer be taken out of the flock as Hal claimed.

This deserves a celebration. - Silver said

Easy, little plate. I just bring the champagnes and we celebrate right away. - said Red

Also the empanaditas. - said Luca

I see you heard us. - said Red

Just because I heard they wanted to celebrate something. - said Luca

Excellent. But it's for both of us. Of course it is totally private. So you can't get in. Sorry. - said Red

Oh sure. * Leaves * Good. Bye. - said Luca

Well, little plate. I will prepare everything. Meanwhile, rest ... - said Red

After all this, Red was preparing everything to celebrate Silver. Meanwhile, Hal and Dahlia ...

* Opens the jail doors * I'm so sorry for the delay, Hal. I guess you've calmed down already. I hope you don't try to kill Red again. - said Dahlia

I will not do it. - said Hal

You better. Otherwise I will pluck your feathers. - said Dahlia

After all this, Hal walked off and ate an oatmeal bar. Until he ran into Red.

Reddy. The teacher who fell in love with his student Silver. - said Hal

Get stupid! We may be the same age but ... Well, you don't even care! Now don't bother. - said Red

Night had come. Red and Silver were eating and drinking after she passed the test. While Hal began to argue with part of the flock on the subject of Red and Silver.

Well. And then, I have learned that in the school regulations, no teacher would fall in love with the student. - said Hal

Yes indeed. But Red is no longer a teacher. Since Silver already approved. Then they stopped being a teacher and a student. Besides, I see a lot of future for them. - Chuck said

And I hope it's not the bad guy. How would you react if Red and Silver had children? - said Hal

It would sound beautiful to me. - Stella answered

Nobody asked you, axolotl face. - said Hal

* Pushes Hal * Nobody calls my Stella that! - Chuck said

Well, he deserves it for being a meticulous! - said Hal

And then Chuck and Hal got into a fight. Even though Hal was the one who pecked Chuck the most in a very violent way. Until Dahlia stopped them both. But...

Sorry, Hal. But I'll have to take you. - said Dahlia

As Dahlia led him away, Hal began to hear some very strange and inexplicable noises from Red and Silver. Which Hal wanted to prevent. But hardly anyone noticed it because of the classical music they were playing at high volume.

Listen to me, Dahlia! I have to stop Red from touching Silver. I can tell it's hurting her. - said Hal

But Dahlia ignored him and continued leading him. At the laboratory...

* Locks up Hal * I gave you another chance and you blew it. I hope you are well in a week. - said Dahlia

After all this, Dahlia also took Chuck away putting him together with Hal.

Let's see how the two reflect. Pair of children ... - said Dahlia

This is your fault! Chuck yelled

Shut up, I need to sleep! It was the worst day of my life. - said Hal

The next morning...

* Releases Chuck * All right, little yellow. You can go out. - said Dahlia

Very well! * Leaves * Thanks, Dahly. - Chuck said

No problem. But trust me, it will be worse next time. So don't miss out on this opportunity. - said Dahlia

What about me, Dahlia? asked Hal

I leave you a week for your behavior. Barely a night has passed. - Dahlia replied

Sure ... I hope to see your face when you find out Red harmed Silver. - said Hal

That? Hal. That would not believe you for a single second. - said Dahlia

I hated to say it. But ... how would you react if Red got Silver pregnant? asked Hal

* Laughs out loud * You're so funny, Hal. You know well that Red will never be a father because nobody loves her. - Dahlia scoffed

* Holds mic button * Dahlia! Open the door. Something bad happens to Silver. I have her here and I need to know why she gets so dizzy. - said Poppy

After opening the door, Silver spent an hour being examined. After finishing the examination, Dahlia learned something impressive.

Poppy. Gather the flock. That news has to be given immediately. - said Dahlia

It's something bad? - asked Poppy

Well ... It's something Hal shouldn't listen to. So let's go to the tree. Silver. Come with us. - said Dahlia

After all this, the three of them went to the tree and the flock gathered for great news ...

I hated to break that news but I know this is said immediately. Silver. I know many will want to hear it from you. So tell them. - said Dahlia

I'm pregnant. - Silver said

Everyone was confused and very doubtful.

But if Silver is pregnant, who is the father? - asked Bubbles

I will not lie ... The father is me. I know they will hate me but I admit that I did very wrong things with her. And now they will want to hate me. It wasn't that he didn't love her. Of course I secretly loved her. But I went out of line and went too far. I will understand if they no longer want me as a leader. - Red replied

Net? So ... You are the father ... - said Silver

Yes of course. * A tear comes out * And I promise to take care of you as much as I can. - said Red

... Because of your speech, I support you like a good brother. - Chuck said

Me too, Red. Even though we broke up, I always support you as a good friend. - said Stella

We all support you. Not just because you are the leader of this flock. - said Bomb

Because we are all like family. And families take care of themselves. Yes or no little brothers? - Jay asked

Totally agree. - Jake replied

You heard, rojito. - Jim said

You support us and we support you. - Matilda said

Sincerely agree. I wish you luck taking care of her. And also the baby. - said Dahlia

Thanks, Dahlia. - said Red

And the whole flock would continue to support Red. But ...

We have a pig problem! - said Luca

We're on our way soon, Luca! Silver. Stay here ... - said Red until he was interrupted

Sorry to tell you. But you will also have to stay to take care of Silver. She is pregnant and you don't want to neglect her. But we still support you. - said Dahlia

... I'll keep it in mind. - said Red

After all this, everyone (except Red, Silver and Hal (who was still in his cell)) went to the pig town to retrieve the eggs.

Well. The eggs should be as always in the pig stage. Let's go there. - said Dahlia

Having crept into the stadium, the birds were retrieving the eggs backstage. Until they were discovered by hoofed pigs.

But if they are the protectors of the eggs. Although the red, the golf club face and silver are missing. - Said a hog with a helmet

Meanwhile, the rest of the flock ...

They have taken a long time. Then Dahlia forgot her communicator. - Silver said

Easy, my silver bullion. They'll be back in a few minutes ... - said Red

I'm not sure. 40 minutes passed and they have not arrived. - Silver said

Listens. Would go. But the best thing will be to take care of you. I don't want anything to happen to you because you are pregnant. If something happens to you, you will despise me .. - said Red

... You're right. - Silver said

Exactly. Now we better lie down in the nest and rest for a while. You don't want to be alone. - said Red

As they lay down, Res and Silver fell asleep. Meanwhile, Hal continued screaming and begging to be released.

I need to shit ...! Free me and ... I help the rest that I feel will be in trouble! - yelled Hal

An hour had passed. Red and Silver were still asleep. But what they didn't realize was that the rest of the flock were captured. Of course the eggs were not eaten yet as the show remained pure silence.

The eggs! - yelled Dahlia

Stop swearing, Dahlia! - Chuck said

No, Chuck. I say that the eggs have not yet been eaten. And the stadium was completely silent. - said Dahlia

It's true. I just need to communicate with Red. - Stella said

Leave it alone. He has to take care of Silver. - said Dahlia

And Hal? - asked Bomb

I put him in jail for his behavior. - Dahlia replied

Old moron! If they only came, we would be safe. - Chuck said

* Pecks at Chuck * I do what I have to do. - said Dahlia

Now you crossed the line, little brick! - Chuck said

Be quiet! I think the best thing is to wait and so we come up with a plan. - said Luca

Luca is right. You have to wait for the perfect moment. That way we don't spoil anything. - said Stella

Well, Dahlia. Keep in mind that this is not over yet. - Chuck said

You don't want to end up like Hal. In his jail. - said Dahlia

Meanwhile, Red had woken up giving Silver a kiss right on the beak. As he got up, he began to listen to Hal. Having gone to the lab, he saw a sad Hal in his jail.

Wow. But if it's Hal in his jail. - said Red

Listen to me! If you release me, I won't hurt anymore. I swear. I have a feeling the flock will be in danger in the middle of a battle. - said Hal

I don't know, Hal. Dahlia asked me to leave you there. If I release you, he will want to peck me. - said Red

Release me and save the flock. Do not worry. I'll take care of Silver during your absence. And when you come back, she will come back to you. Trust me. Bird word. - said Hal

That's what Chuck used to say ... Alright * Opens the doors * Alright, Hal. If something bad happens to him, I kick you out of the flock. - said Red

I see you use Dahlia's computer a lot. I wish I could see her photos with you. - said Hal

I only have your password. Also, I only use it for emergencies. Like this. - said Red

Thanks brother. Now go, * hands him an MP3 * listen to some Slipknot and give those pigs what they deserve. This MP3 I got to listen to some music during my days in jail. But you will use it to save the flock. Just like Quicksilver listens to 80's music while saving Mansion X. - said Hal

After all this ...

Hal. What the hell? You should have stayed there in your jail. Not released. - Silver said

Red asked me to take care of you. He will save the flock. - said Hal

After all this, Red began playing the song Before I Forget by the band Slipknot. Having played the song, Red began by breaking down the door. Many hoofed pigs came armed with apple throwers. Red eagerly dodged them and then pushed hard. After this violent attack, Red was entering the stadium without being discovered. Having gone backstage, Red came across two cages. One where they had the eggs and the other where part of the flock was.

Net! You're not supposed to be here. What are you doing? Dahlia asked

I will not lie. I freed Hal to watch over Silver while he saved you. - Red replied

Be ... When this is over, we'll talk about this. - Dahlia said with a frown

The show was starting. But there was a detail that they would not notice until the curtains were opened.

Pigs from all over the city. We wanted to tell you that after so many failed plans, we have managed to steal these eggs. * Opens the curtains * And now ... Empty! They escaped! - said the whiskers pig

Well yeah, moron! Matilda, watch the eggs. The rest to fight those pigs. - said Red

After this, part of the flock was left fighting with the pigs. Matilda left town with the eggs. Having escaped from the city, Matilda met Hal and Silver by the tree.

Hal! Dahlia was supposed to have locked you up! - Matilda said

Red asked me to watch Silver. - said Hal

Then we talk about this. For now, find a nest for these eggs. I feel a movement in them. - Matilda said

Meanwhile and after having fought against the pigs, the flock quickly escaped from the pig city. After the escape, Red immediately hugged Silver and gave him a two-second kiss.

Good thing you're fine, dear. - said Red

Thanks, Red. Is everyone okay? asked Silver

Yes of course. And I hope you are too. - Red replied

About that, the egg has already hatched. It only remains to wait for their hatching. - Silver said

Speaking of hatching, the eggs will hatch. Come here. - Matilda said

After the three eggs hatch ...

The three of them are very cute. - Silver said

Exactly. Especially lime green. * Gives him a red cap * From now on your name will be Marty. - said Red

You're cool, Red. But you should name the dreadlocked and the robotic textured one. - Chuck said

It is your turn. Give each other ideas. - said Red

You're excellent, Red. - said Chuck

Now that you're here, why did you free Hal? Dahlia asked

I asked him. Then I took care of Silver so that Red would save them. - answered Hal

Net! Why do you listen to him? Dahlia asked

To save you and the eggs. - Red replied

... I'll let you pass this one. Otherwise I will pluck the feathers from your butt. - said Dahlia

I'm sorry I wanted to kill you. I will understand if you will fire me after this confession I made. - said Hal

I will not do it. For now I have a new family to take care of. - said Red

I wish you luck, brother. - said Hal

Thanks brother. - said Red

No. Thank you for taking care of Silver. - said Hal

Finally everything returned to normal. Hal was proud that Red and Silver would be parents. So a future in these two lovebirds is yet to come. The end


  • The fic was planned in August 2016 but had to be delayed for a year due to other plans.
    • Reason why Grojband fanfic was canceled: Corey X Laney (another SUP3R Productions fanfic).
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