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Angry Bird red

El Angry Bird red It is one of the types of Angry Birds that are used to fight against pigs in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. It is characterized by being the basic bird of the game and by not having any special power, its power is not do nothing, just do shit is the only thing this wuebon can do

Despite everything, the Red Angry Bird is the most characteristic bird in the game, and that is why it has become the main mascot of Angry Birds and Rovio.


The red Angry Bird does not have any special powers, which differentiates it well from other birds. This does not mean that it is not useful, instead, it is easy to control, and it is very useful to reach narrow areas that have originated when demolishing some construction. In addition, it is the bird that bounces the most when it hits a material, so it can damage some materials a bit. However, it is practically useless against concrete, just like other birds.

As a curiosity, the red Angry Bird, like other birds, reacts in some way when touching the screen or clicking while flying; He does not use his power since he does not have, but he does make a characteristic scream of him, although it is useless. The Angry Bird Big Brother, a more powerful version of this bird, makes a similar cry when touching or selecting the game screen.


  • The red Angry Bird has dark spots on its feathers, as does the Angry Bird Big Brother.
  • It is the only bird that has a brother, the Angry Bird Big Brother, which translated would be the Angry Bird "Big Brother".
  • It has no power, but screams when tapping or clicking on the screen.
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