Poultry vs pigs

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Poultry vs pigs
Episode No .: 1
Release date: August 01 of the 2015
Previous Episode: N/A
Next Episode: Streamers

Poultry vs pigs (Birds vs. pigs) is the first episode of the first season Angry Birds: Feather Adventures. It will be released in 2015 or 2016.


  • 1 History
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Main
    • 2.2 Minors
  • 3 Trivia


It was a normal day and the birds were guarding their eggs, while the pigs planned to steal the eggs. Red was in the nest and sees a movement in some bushes where the golden eggs were and he and Chuck go to see, but there was nothing, then they return and realize that they were deceived and the eggs were stolen, so they call the others, but they had already made a shelter, so Red throws himself first and uses his mighty pen and hits a block of support wood, but the blues are thrown and make Red miss, then he throws himself Chuck and uses his power, but the hoofed pig comes out and gets hurt. Then all the birds try, but they fail, and Terence arrives last and the birds think that they are going to win, but the pigs simply jump to another structure and Terence fails. So the birds don't seem to have a chance, but Chuck pulls out a can of sardines and, as always, Red is the one taking it to the Mighty Eagle. The King Pig prepares to eat the eggs, but they throw the can and the pigs get scared and give the eggs to the birds, but they run and the Mighty Eagle arrives, and from the nest you can see the explosion.



  • Red
  • Chuck
  • King Pig


  • The other birds
  • The other pigs
  • Mighty eagle
  • Eggs


  • It is the first time that all the main characters appear.
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