Porcine symphony

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Porcine Symphony

is the twenty-sixth and final episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.


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Music to the ears of the working pig.


A construction pig is hammering a nail into a board with another construction pig watching him. Another construction pig is sawing a board, another pig is also hammering a nail (which the nail always comes back up). The construction pigs continue to do this, then a hammer starts pounding on an iron slab that is made by another construction pig, another construction pig starts screwing in some screws and two other construction pigs continue to hammer a nail. A whistle warns the pigs that it is lunch time, the construction pigs open their lunch boxes (Item from each lunch box: apple, sandwich, milk crate and a cork opener), one pig takes his apple and starts to eat it, another pig takes his sandwich and starts to eat it, another takes his milk crate and starts to drink the milk, they take a bite and drink several times.

A Construction Pig is sleeping with his jackhammer that wakes him up when activated, the pigs do their respective things several times. A Construction Pig in a bow tie gets happy, takes off his helmet showing he was the Tenor Pig and starts singing making the other pigs look at him but they keep doing their work. Several things happen, like explosions and cannonballs, then it is noticed that what the pigs were building was a giant wooden snout.


  • The music written on the title card is not actually the main theme from Piggy Tales. The file above contains the actual theme music.
    • In fact, the title card isn't even a valid score. In one measure, it contains 7 eighth notes followed by 1 quarter note, which is not possible because the measure is 4/4.
    • The title card is just a parody.
  • This is the last episode of Piggy Tales to use claymation-style CGI.
  • The pigs were probably building the Piggy Theatre.
  • The episode has elements and events from previous episodes, here is the list:
    • The Nailed It! nail and break for lunch.
    • Unhinged lunch boxes.
    • A piece of cheese from Nailed It!, Sticky Situation and Unhinged.
    • The hammer and saw are from Step 1.
    • TNT and explosions were from Demohogs.
    • Apple from the lunch break.
    • Pig holding a jackhammer from Jackhammered.
    • Porkatron from Porkatron appears on the title card and in the background of the scene of the pig holding the jackhammer.
    • The giant wooden snout is possibly U/C Piggy Theatre.


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