Play all versions of Angry Birds for free on PC

Who I am
Aina Martin

Hello friends of Angry Birds website, today I come with this tutorial to tell you how to use the versions of classic Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Space totally free on PC with the BlueStacks application. This application allows you to download the full versions of these Android games that are totally free and it is also 100% legal to do.

Steps to follow

  1. Download the application from this link and install:
  2. Configure BlueStacks according to language and other options
  3. Once configured and installed, enter the "App Stores" section within the launcher on the Windows desktop, and choose the store of your choice (I recommend GetJar).
  4. Once inside the store, find each of the versions of Angry Birds within the store, download and install.
  5. Run the apps of the Angry Birds games and voila !!!!. You will have all the full versions of Angry Birds on your PC without paying a single penny.

NOTE: BlueStacks gets to slow down your computer a bit during its operation. This is due to the memory consumption it has, but all the games become playable very well.

I hope the tutorial has served you, and if you have any questions, leave a message on the page. Greetings from your server.

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