Pigs will fly

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Pigs will fly is the seventh episode of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories, being released on March 7, 2020 on YouTube.


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YouTube description

Taking flight with the slingshot? Pssshhhh - anyone could do that! Or maybe there is a reason why pigs haven't taken advantage of this technology yet.


  • Common Pigs
  • Pig with Mustache
  • Red
  • Chuck


The plot begins with Red at night, throwing himself with the slingshot towards a structure, while some pigs watched in the distance, three pigs get excited, but one is not. The next day, the mustache pig prepares the pigs to put materials and be able to build a structure, one of the pigs was carrying a rock, while three others were carrying wooden logs, the pigs see Red and Chuck lifting weights nearby of the slingshot.

When Red and Chuck leave the slingshot, the pig that was carrying the rock happens to get on the slingshot, he tries to climb, but then he sees that Red was returning, so Red is surprised and asks the pig to go down , the pig is surprised but the slingshot throws it towards the pigs structure, causing it to crash, at first it only pushes the fortress a little, making the Mustache Pig angry, but then a box of TNT falls, exploding the fortress. The pig that had been thrown into the slingshot survives the explosion, while the other pigs are amazed at it.


Angry Birds Slingshot Stories Ep. 7 - Pigs will fly

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