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Pigs Can Fly (Pigs Can Fly) is the 30th and final episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street and the Piggy Tales series in general.


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It's the end of the show and a happy pig sings to us in style.


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A pig was listening to the radio, so he decides to get up his chair and start singing, while he gives his radio to two pigs, and then uses a floating skateboard, while the pig with the radio is run over by a car. Then the singing pig plays a pig's piano, and then lights a pig's birthday candles, this makes the fire pigs arrive to extinguish it.

The singing pig eventually enters a sewer, while Cupid Pig is seen riding a bike, and Ghost Pig on a speck, which loses control. The pig comes out of the sewer on a path next to a tree, in which he takes the basketball from a pig, which when throwing it collides with a thief, so that two pigs fall on top of it. The pig continues to sing on a basketball court, where a multitude of angry pigs surround him, finally and somehow uses a rocket to get out of the atmosphere, there a UFO collides and attaches itself to the rocket, which explodes and shows some fires artificial in the word "The End".



Pigs Can Fly, Fly

Pigs Can Fly, Baby don't you know that Pigs Can Fly?

Pigs Can Fly, So High

Pigs Can Fly, So High

Nothing's gonna keep me down

A pig like me would stay on the ground

Fellas, let's spread our wings, let's go!

Ah! Spread your wings and go, flying so high, easy for us

I can fly, so high

I can fly


Pigs fly, they fly

Pigs fly

Hey, don't you know that pigs fly?

Pigs fly, high up

Pigs fly, high up

You can see that nothing will keep me down

Pigs like me would be left on the ground

Spread your wings, let's go

Ah! Spread your wings and let's go, flying high, easy for us

I can fly, high up

I can fly


  • In this episode you can see objects and pigs that appeared in Piggy Tales: 4th Street, among which are.
    • Bad Signal's radio and coffee shop.
    • Ramp Champ's floating skateboard.
    • Doorbell Symphony's pianist pig.
    • The Birthday Pig and the Pork Brigade Fire Pigs.
    • The Pig Cupid from Pig City Valentine.
    • The Ghost Pig from Ghost Hog.
    • The Delivery Pig from Slingshot Delivery and Dodge and Deliver.
    • Slam Punk Basketball Pig.
    • The Thieving Pig from Cops N 'Robbers and Getaway Loot.
    • The Slam Punk and Getaway Graffiti basketball court.
    • The rocket from Happy New Pig and Light Riders.
    • The Snout Invasion UFO.
  • This episode is similar to the episode It's A Wrap and Final Curtain.
  • It is the second episode to be a musical, the first being Joyful Jingle.


Piggy Tales 4th Street - Pigs Can Fly (FINALE)

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