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Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work is the 2nd Season of Piggy Tales, which was released on Toons.TV in April. This is the successor to the First Season of Piggy Tales and shows the jobs that the Common Pigs do. Like Piggy Tales, it has no dialogue. This Second Season debuted on ToonsTV and YouTube on April 17, 2015, with the episode Nailed It! and ended with the special episode Ready Aim Play.


Watch: Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work Episode List


  • This may mean that the Piggy Tales studio is under renovation after the It's a Wrap storyline.
  • The Pigs at Work subtitle is added to the Letter Title differently throughout the episode like the couch gags at the openings in all The Simpsons episodes.
  • This one, along with Piggy Tales, has nothing to do with Eggs.
  • It hasn't been long since the premiere It's A Wrap and Nailed It!
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