Pig Popping Explained!

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Pig Popping Explained! is the fourth episode of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories, released on February 8, 2020 on YouTube.


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YouTube description

There are so many little pigs in all the Angry Birds games, but where do they go? The answer may surprise you!


  • Common Pigs
  • Superpork
  • Sidekick
  • Cerdo Doctor (Dr. Pork. M.D.)
  • Pig with Mustache
  • Chuck
  • Red


A pig was sweeping in a hallway, when he sees that two pigs put their lunch boxes in their lockers to go to the battlefield. Upon arrival, the mustache pig orders the pigs to get into position in a structure, but the mustache pig realizes that they need a third pig, so he takes the sweeping pig to the battlefield to get it into position. When the attack of the birds begins, Chuck lunges, defeating the two pigs, with Red later defeating the remaining Sweeper Pig. The pig is teleported into the world of Piggy Tales, in which he sees Superpork and Sidekick pass by, and two pigs floating in a windblown hole, until Dr. Pork MD calls the pig for a check-up, and finally this is teleported back to the same hallway where the episode began.


Angry Birds Slingshot Stories Ep. 4 - Pig popping explained!


  • In the episode you can see the setting of the first season of Piggy Tales.
    • As well as the appearance of the superhero pigs from the Superpork episode, the doctor pig from the Dr. Pork MD episode, the pigs from The Hole episode, and the background music heard in the Abduction episode.
  • The episode shows where the pigs are teleported, when they are defeated in the Angry Birds games.
  • The portal in which the pig is teleported, to the world of Piggy Tales, is similar to the portal seen in Angry Birds Space, in which the birds are transported to space, unlike the portal of the episode is blue instead of purple .
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