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Birds in Space, by size

Here is a brief information about all the birds and pigs observed in Angry Birds Space.

The first known name was "Lazer Bird" from the filename of those added to the Angry Birds Google+ page on February 17, 2012. The "Ice Bird Cube" was mentioned in passing by a Rovio employee at SXSW , but it could be just colloquial. The true names of birds were later revealed via Angry Birds Nest and The Daily. [1] All birds (except Space Eagle) resemble a Marvel or DC Comics character.


  • 1 Birds
    • 1.1 Super Red Bird
    • 1.2 The Lightning Birds
    • 1.3 Firebomb Bird
    • 1.4 The Incredible Terence
    • 1.5 Lazer Bird
    • 1.6 Ice Bird
    • 1.7 Atomic Bird
    • 1.8 Space Egg
    • 1.9 Space Eagle
  • 2 (birds)
  • 3 space pigs
    • 3.1 Classics
    • 3.2 Fat Pig
    • 3.3 Alíen Pig
  • 4 Fonts


Super Red Bird

The space red bird is based on the classic red bird. When pulled through the wormhole into Space's new environment, he found himself equipped with the mask similar to those of "Wolverine" and / or Batman. The mask allows you to see a view called "optic search", showing you the best flight path to do the most damage (As shown in the Utopia cutscenes).

Transformationred bird space

Red Bird hits Angry Birds Space on March 22

The Lightning Birds

The Lightning Birds (Thunderbirds) are the classic Blue Birds. They are daring and curious and often get into trouble and cause damage, causing the fleet to often have to intervene. They have the power to break the ice and multiply, (just like in the classic Angry Birds game), Their appearance refers to "Flash".

Blue Birds are back in Angry Birds Space on March 22

Firebomb Bird

(Fireball Bird) is the classic Black Bird, with the ability to incinerate any object within the range that its body allows, called "heat shock wave." (heat shock wave), The jacket, skin colors and powers resemble "Firestorm".

The Incredible Terence

The green bird (also known as the incredible Terrence or "Bash") is Terence only that instead of red he is green, just like his younger brother, Red. The incredible Terence is capable of immense destruction due to his size and thickness. . His new skin color and large size resembles that of the Hulk. His noise ability, unlike Captain Red, features a Hulk-like roar.

Terence crashes onto Angry Birds Space on March 22

Bird Leisure

It is the new version of the yellow bird, the ability of this bird changes partially in relation to its terrestrial counterpart.

Like the yellow bird it can increase its speed but now by increasing its speed (by clicking or touching the screen) it can change the direction independent of the one it was originally launched, with this ability it makes it the only bird in Angry Birds Space capable of going out of orbits with a lot of gravity.

On March 09, 2012, the Angry Birds Facebook page updated with a video of the Lazer Bird in action, featured by a commercial for the "Samsung Galaxy Note". The description on the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel says:

"The Bird Laser, introduced by Samsung, perfectly reflects the personality of Samsung GALAXY Note. Lazer's vision of the Bird resembles the best viewing experience on the crisp and expansive screen and its lazer strike super power the high performance. New characters, including the Lazer Bird in space the Angry birds have unique superhero powers to aid in their fight against the space pigs and lay their eggs in a safe place to return home

Lazer Bird hits Angry Birds Space on March 22

Introducing Lazer Bird - Angry Birds Space

Lazer Bird Introduction (Samsung Galaxay Commercial.)

Ice bird

He is the new bird of the flock as well as an exclusive character from Angry Birds Space, he appears in the Cold Cuts world as well as in the Angry Birds Space trailer.

Its power consists of freezing all the elements where it explodes or touches prior to the explosion, leaving the weak structures and the frozen pigs so that a second bird ends up with what is left.

Atomic Bird

The Atomic Bird is the classic orange bird. His costume resembles that of the superhero Firestorm, similar to the appearance of Bomb, but his ability resembles the Lagoon Boy character. The character was introduced in the Utopia update alongside the addition of the Space Egg.

The Atomic Bird still retains its abilities, but with minor changes from graphic design. The bird expands and remains inflated for a short period of time, however in this game it cannot damage anything while it deflates, but rather leaves the screen.

Angry Birds Space Orange Bird Returns

Space Egg

The space egg (Space Egg) is only usable either as Power-Up or in the special levels of Angry Birds Space by obtaining all the stars of each zone of each episode. The egg can create a small black hole that can launch anything upwards.

Space Eagle

It is the space version of Mighty Eagle, like its original version is invoked by throwing a sardine, but now it comes out of a black hole and destroys everything that passes in front of it.

Although its power is better than in the original version, due to the spatial setting of the game and the size of the level it does not cause the same damage as in previous installments, so it requires more ingenuity to use.

this is the space eagle symbol


Space pigs

Small, medium and large pigs - infantrymen of the Pig King.


  • King Pig (King Pig) in space has a UFO with claws and it seems to be responsible for the Flock being dragged through the portal in space. It was the space king's idea while still the pig king to steal the birds' eggs in the first place. As a Space King, you have a few new goals, including stealing the Eggsteroid and continually feeding the fat pig. The first time he appears as a boss battle at level 1-30 (in Pig Bang) in a UFO tank and then at cold cuts level 2-30 (cold cuts) in a UFO spaceship.
  • Helmet pig (Cape Pig) - He wears a metal helmet and is used to be seen guarding the fortress of pigs on land.
  • Moustache pig (Pig with a mustache) - The pig is the right hand of the King of Space. He is the largest of the pigs. His first (and most recent) appearance is as a boss in the episode Fry Me to the Moon, and at level 3-10 as he floats along with the space egg he captured next to him.
  • Common Pigs: Of the various known sizes, they are the main obstacles at all levels of the game.

Fat pig

The Fat Pig combs the Universe in search of cosmic food continually increasing its size. He is huge, with spots on him similar to the Big Brother bird. The description of pork fat according to The Daily is: "As ravenous as it is disgusting." The Fat Pig is first seen frozen at Cold Cuts level first. He then breaks free from the planet and moves to utopia to satisfy his stomach.

Separately, several other Fat Pigs but smaller in size appear in the Pig Dipper and Cosmic Crystals episodes.

Alíen Pig

The Alien Pig

The Alien Pig is a pig with three eyes, one above the nose. He drives a spaceship and can be spotted in Cosmic Crystals. He ejects crystal planets. While a beam of light also absorbs the objects that pass near your ship.

He is the boss of the Cosmic Crystals episode.


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