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Parkour is the 17th episode of Angry Birds Blues.


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YouTube description

Jay wants to show his brothers that he can complete his parkour challenge ... he just needs the help of his buddies, the chicks.


  • Jay, Jake y Jim
  • Zoe
  • Will
  • Vincent
  • Ariadne
  • Yellow Chick


The Blues were doing parkour, but when Jay was going to try it he couldn't, so he tries again but again he couldn't go up, he tries many times until Jake and Jim get bored and leave. Jay later sees the chicks, so that when he jumps trying parkour he will trip over Zoe and jump towards the rock, so he discovers that the chicks serve as a springboard.

He then calls Jake and Jim to show them that he can do parkour, then he starts jumping on the chicks causing the other Blues to be impressed, but when he was going to jump on Vincent, Vincent moves by making Jay bounce on palm trees until he is thrown to an island. Then the Blues congratulate him but Jay had a hard time moving


Angry Birds Blues Parkour - S1 Ep17 NEW

Angry Birds Blues
Season 2017
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