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Own The Sky is the eighth episode of the first season of the Angry Birds Stella series.


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Being a flightless bird, Stella goes hang gliding to get her kicks. But will it be a terrible accident to always put it out of service? The other birds are not waiting because she is getting seriously upset.


Stella prepares to glide with her hang glider from a small rock, while Luca watches her. Stella braces herself and gains momentum, but hits the ground. This makes Stella annoyed, so she tries again from a higher rock, however she crashes loudly again. This time, he decides to try gliding from the top of the mountain, but Lucas is concerned. Then Stella gains momentum and begins to glide successfully, but quickly begins to lose control and spin in midair. Poppy and Willow see Stella excited, but she glides dangerously close to them, bounces off the tree house, and crashes into the jungle, while Dahlia also watches her. Dahlia quickly goes to the place to look for her friend, and there she finds her stunned, so she takes her back to the house.

Stella wakes up in pain, so Willow brings her ice to ease the pain, and Poppy shows Stella that she rebuilt her paraglider herself, however, Stella is traumatized by the accident, and runs panic into her room. Once there, he begins to get bored, so he decides to go to Dahlia's room. Stella asks Dahlia if she can help her with her potions, but she refuses, although she lets her help her once she gives her the puppy look, so Dahlia asks her to help her by bringing a substance, however, unknowingly mixes two substances, which cause an explosion. Dahlia screams in annoyance, so Stella quickly leaves Dahlia's room. Then he decides to walk along the beach, where he sees Poppy and Luca flying kites, and Luca quickly lends his kite to Stella to fly. At first, Stella begins to fly the kite normally, but ends up remembering her accident on the paraglider, which causes her to crash the kite (destroying it in the process), and flee in trauma, while Luca yells at her in annoyance at his neglected kite. When Stella returns to the house, where Willow is painting a painting where she represents a daisy, and she asks if she can help her paint, to which Willow says yes. However, Stella ends up painting traumatized her by flying catastrophically on her hang glider, completely ruining the painting, and then proceeds to throw the blue paint on her. This worries Willow, and she begins to discuss the situation with Poppy, Dahlia, and Luca, to come up with a plan.

Afterward, the four friends carry out their plan, to help Stella overcome her trauma. They knock on the door to Stella's room to talk to her, and once outside, Poppy and Willow tell her scared that Luca was trapped far away with a monster, which they see from the telescope, and they ask Stella to save Luca. This makes Stella, worried, quickly go to the place flying on her hang glider, managing to control her fear, and although she is about to crash, she manages to concentrate, successfully reaching where Luca was, and rescuing him. Stella realizes that the "monster" was actually a cardboard silhouette controlled by Dahlia, so she gets a bit annoyed. They arrive back, and there Stella decides to glide with Lucas over the ocean during sunset, but accidentally the paraglider spins out of control once more.


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  • Luca
  • Willow
  • Dahlia
  • poppy


Angry Birds Stella Own the Sky - S1 Ep8


  • It is the second episode that Gale and the pigs do not appear in it. The first was Rock On !.
  • This episode has Toons.TV's "4 billion views" on the title card. Being the second most watched episode.
  • It is the first time that a bird has flown without using a slingshot.
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