Operation: Belief

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Alejandra Rangel

Operation: Kredo is chapter 27 of the first season of Angry birds tv.


The chapter begins with the pig king telling him to bring out the eggs, for that he calls some pigs to fight against the birds. They arrive where the birds live and begin to fight, while they are fighting, a net throws two pigs through the water. But in the end they reach the bottom and find Pigantlis, and then the Kredo arrives and he tells them that he would like to fight the Angry Birds again, so they tell him that he can help them, but he tells them to count on But he was not going to fight now, since he was going to train, but in return he asks them to give him food for a whole year. After they come to the surface they arrive with the pig king and tell him that the Kredo wants to fight in exchange for food for a year, the king thinks it is a good idea to fight with the Kredo at his side. Meanwhile, in the nest Red realizes that they had left a small brochure a pig who went to fight against them, and he reads about Pigantlis, his history, his politics, etc. While he was reading this Red, Bomb arrives with He told him he had a new ice cream, that's why the blues scare him by making it explode and destroying the brochure, Red gets angry enough with them that he asks them to help him recover the pieces of the brochure, but in that Chuck, I witnessed everything He does it too fast, but all the leaves are blown away and he only recovers the last one that said how to defeat the Kredo, that is what he will read when they change the scene. The pig king asks the two pigs that found the Kredo, asks them to go with the Kredo so that they can already fight, but asks them to go stealthily, without the birds noticing. The pigs go and sneak up to Pigantlis where They ask him to fight. While Red was saving the brochure, the Kredo came out and defeated Stella and her friends, Chuck, Matilda, Los Blues, well, everyone, well almost everyone, because there were only Bomb and Red left, so he asks him Bomb to distract him while he does what the brochure said, while this Bomb distracts him, Red reaches a tentacle of him and squeezes a very hard one that falls.Red and Bomb lift the others while thanking the leaf for life of the brochure. The episode ends with the two pigs in the background waiting as the Kredo did and in that they see that the Kredo falls in Pigantlis and begins to chase them, blaming them for everything that happened.

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