Old Nesting Barrows

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Old Nesting Barrows in the Angry Birds Original cutscenes.

Each filtering bag Old Nesting Barrows They are an area of ​​Piggy Island, it is located next to Pig City. The birds previously lived and nested here, but they moved to the Cobalt Plateau, probably because the Old Nesting Barrows are very close to Pig City and the pigs had previously tried to steal the eggs.

It is a region located next to Pig's Head Mountain and Little Pig City, and separated from the Cobalt Plateau by the river. In this place there is a small stone monument, in which a magic sword was previously located, guarded by the Spirit of the Sword.


  • Classic Angry Birds: This is where the cutscenes take place.

Angry Birds Epic

Appears in Angry Birds Epic with 6 levels in total:

  • Old Nesting Barrows - 1
  • Old Nesting Barrows - 2
  • Old Nesting Barrows - 3
  • Old Nesting Barrows - 4
  • Old Nesting Barrows - 5
  • Old Nesting Barrows - 6

Here is the Sword Spirit, a forgotten guardian bird that guards a sword found in the fourth level. Being defeated is unlocking the Mighty Eagle Dojo,


  • In the Angry Birds cutscenes, Pig City can be seen in the background.
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