Night of the Bling

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Night of the Bling It is the third episode of the second season of the Angry Birds Stella series and the sixteenth episode overall.


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Description of Toons.TV

A mysterious tribe of pigs is crashing the Halloween festivities on Golden Island. Its infectious furrows are causing everyone to walk on the pig's side - even the birds. Someone has to get them out.


Stella, Willow, Luca, Dahlia, and Poppy are looking for candy in disguise when they see a door and Luca rings the bell. The door opens, revealing that a creature lives there, which when seeing Luca roars at him and gives him a paddle, leaving Luca scared. The flock happily continues on their way, until they discover a mysterious area, which is a stone temple shaped like a pig. Luca rings the doorbell, hoping to ask for candy, when suddenly the statue's eyes light up, and a green geyser-shaped light comes on behind them. The door opens, revealing a tribe of piglets with gold charms, and a purple light is lit in the temple, from which a Shaman Pig emerges. Dahlia examines the pig, but he waves his staff with a microphone, and uses it to turn Dahlia into a pig.

Her friends look at her in surprise, when the Shaman Pig orders the piglets (including Dahlia) to chase after the rest of the flock. The piglets chase the group, while Dahlia crashes into a tree. Meanwhile, Gale and the pigs are walking quietly, also in disguise, when they run into the Shaman Pig, who turns Gale's minion pigs into tribal pigs, while he chases the Handsome Pig and Gale. Stella hides, and the Handsome Pig bumps into Dahlia, causing them to fall in love, and the Shaman Pig turns the Handsome Pig, giving him a new style.

Then, Stella meets Luca, who was also turned into a pig, he is hiding from two little pigs of the tribe. He catches a glimpse of Willow, who was cornered by the pigs and also turned into a pig. Stella manages to see Poppy hiding on the other side of the temple, so she sneaks all the way to the other side, causing Poppy to scream in fright, but she shuts her down so she won't be discovered. The tribal pigs and transformed birds begin to celebrate and dance, and Stella comes up with a plan, which she tells Poppy:

Stella distracts the pigs while Poppy destroys a pillar of rocks where the music comes out, knowing that it would be effective; and the plan works, making all the pigs unconscious, however, it is a trap of the Shaman Pig, who proceeds to convert Poppy in pork. Stella sees her, but begins to be surrounded by the piglets (including her friends), until she is cornered, and ends up turned into a pig finally, much to the joy of the Shaman Pig.

The next morning, Stella wakes up, with her friends and the sleeping pigs, still in the temple, but realizes that the effect has ended, and that the Shaman Pig has disappeared. Dahlia wakes up, seeing that he was kissing the Handsome Pig, so they both flee in horror, and Stella sees the statue of the temple, seeing his eyes light up in green flames, and hears the laugh of the Shaman Pig.


  • Gale
  • Stella
  • Willow
  • Dahlia
  • Handsome Pig
  • Common Pigs
  • Luca
  • poppy
  • Shaman Pig
  • Critters


  • In this episode, Stella dresses up as a ninja, Poppy as a drummer, Luca as a pig, Willow as a witch, and Dahlia as a scientist.
  • It is a special episode of Halloween.
  • It is the second episode in all series overall in which a bird turns into a pig, the first being Pig Plot Potion from Angry Birds Toons (in which Pig Chef transforms Red into a pig).
  • It is the second time that Dahlia and the Handsome Pig fall in love, being the first time in the episode Pig Power.
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