New angry birds game Launched today in canada by rovio and worldwide soon

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Alejandra Rangel

rovio today launches an angry birds game for the second time this year only for certain countries (angry birds stella pop! was launched in canada the last days of 2014 so it doesn't count) well the new game is called angry birds under pigstruction and it has a game mode similar to the original angry birds but this one is more difficult, you can choose your own birds as in the new pigs mode in the angry birds neighborhood stella but now it is with the classic angry birds (red, chuck, terence, the blues , matilda, etc) but the quantity is limited by the bird cards you have, it includes a power for network which could be said to be the same as obi wan in angry birds star wars 1 and angry birds star wars 2, it includes a new bird called silver which arrives as another female member of the band and its power is to jump in several constructions at the same time doing great damage, the game has only now been launched and in total it has 270 levels and more to come, special spells that you can e will help which are counted as one more card, the game works with lives just like angry birds stella pop! and angry birds fight, there is much more interaction between bird and pig than in previous games, you can enter the arena (after completing level 50) where like the arena of angry birds epic you can compete against players from all over the world and See who has the best score and the best can receive more power and powers for their birds and the graphics are better and even in the levels you can see the pigs talking and also all the birds and pigs have their version of angry birds toons. 

This is all, next time I will bring you an entry that tells you how to download these games (angry birds stella pop !, angry birds fight and angry birds under pigstruction) for free and upgradeable before they come out without the need to live in those countries 

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