Who I am
Valery Aloyants
Powers None
First apparition: Carnival Upheaval 8-15
Gender: Male
Species: Mono tití
Places: Angry Birds Rio
Alcance: Great
Size: Great

Mauro is the leader of the marmosets. In Angry Birds Rio, he appears as a level 8-15 boss of Carnival Upheaval, as well as in the last level of Market Mayhem. It takes a lot of damage to defeat him. The best tactic to defeat Mauro is to use White Bird Egg Bombs. After defeating Mauro, players are presented with a new light of history. If a player does not defeat him, Mauro's face appears on the screen as "Level Failed".


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Mauro is distinguished from the other marmosets by several functions. In the game, he appears much larger than the other marmosets. In the game and movie, he has brown fur, not gray, and has a clip in his hair. In the movie, he wears a gold watch as a belt, even though he doesn't have it in the game.


  • Angry Birds Rio
    • Carnival Upheaval
    • Market Mayhem

Mauro en Carnival Upheaval 8-15Level Failed


  • Upon defeating him, his elimination earns the player 10,000 points.
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