Who I am
Pau Monfort
Powers Avoid fall damage
First apparition: Angry Birds Rio (Jungle Escape)
Gender: Men
Species: Monos tití
Places: Angry Birds Rio
Alcance: Weak strong
Size: Medium / Large

Each filtering bag Marmosets (Marmosets in English), they are recurring enemies in Angry Birds Rio, being Pepillo's "minions", they were sent to defeat the birds after escaping from Smuggler's Den. They act in the role of antagonists, just like the pigs in the classic game Angry Birds.

They occasionally survive after falling. They do not suffer damage when they bounce off floaties or umbrellas. In the last level of Carnival Upheaval, the marmoset boss, Mauro, appears as a boss of the level.


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Marmosets are monkeys with gray fur, with long white ears, and a gray striped tail; marmosets have small black legs, but they allow them to swing and survive any possible fall. They have small white fanged teeth, and around each eye they have a brown spot. The size of the marmosets in the game usually varies between medium and large marmosets.


  • Angry Birds Rio
    • Jungle Escape
    • Beach Volleyball
    • Carnival Upheaval
    • Market Mayhem
    • Golden Beachball
    • Rocket Rumble
    • High Dive
    • Blossom River
    • Timber Tumble
    • Hidden Harbor
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Playground
    • Awards Room
  • Angry birds trilogy

CelebratingTeddyEn Angry Birds TrilogyMauro, the leader of the marmosetsOn a playground level


  • Marmosets appear in the Rio 2 episodes, despite not appearing in the film.
  • They are one of the few enemies of the Angry Birds games, which do not have a version of Corpse.
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