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Entrance to the MakerSpace, in the Door Cam Disaster episode

"MakerSpace"is the name given to a building where pigs live, like the birds Red, Chuck and Bomb, and the chicks, Will, Zoe, Vincent, Samantha and Ariana, during the episodes of the Angry Birds MakerSpace series.


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The location of this building is unknown, it is believed to be on Pig Island, since it is inhabited mainly by pigs, after the truce between Pigs and Birds [1], the birds temporarily lived in the MakerSpace building. It is a house that is 4 stories high.

Recognized Places

Entrance hall

The Entrance Room, as its name implies, is located when entering the MakerSpace, it is supervised by a Pig Head of Security, who is in charge of supervising the entrants. Inside the room, there is a small office with a computer and a telephone, where the Security Pig works.

TNT Box Warehouse

It is a warehouse where TNT bombs are kept, it appears in several episodes of the series, in this place it has been seen that pigs and birds come to play with drones, to races, to hide, among other activities.


The Laboratory is an area of ​​the building that appears in several episodes, in this place all kinds of experiments are carried out, Will often comes to the laboratory to perform mischief, despite the fact that Red dislikes it. The Janitor Pig is known to work taking care of cleaning the laboratory.


The kitchen is a place in the building where some pigs and Zoe come to cook, often for cooking tutorials. In the series, he appears on many occasions.

Recording set

It's a place that appeared in two episodes of the series, first on Scary Hatchling Halloween, and then on the K-Pop episode, meet A-Pop !. In this place, both pigs and chicks come to make music videos.


It is an area of ​​the building, which appears rarely in the episodes, it appeared only in Step Tracker Challenge !, in this gym the pigs and birds go to train and exercise.


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