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Maiky taking care of the eggs in angry birds toons

Powers Throwing charcoal everywhere.
First apparition: 2014 Christmas
Gender: Male
Species: Purple magpie
Places: All
Alcance: Small
Size: Small

Maiky is the purple bird that will come out in Angry Birds Christmas 2014. Its power is to throw coal. Nominated for the Angry Fanon Nominee Awards 2014


This bird likes Christmas very much, and he even wants to help Santa Claus by giving gifts to those who have been good and coal to those who have been bad. It is smaller than Bubbles.


On Christmas Eve, the birds were singing Christmas songs in the Mighty Eagle's cave, but Bubbles finds Maiky in a bush, and gives her a gift for wanting to help him. Later, the pigs return to steal the eggs, Bubbles leaves, but the pigs hide with him, then Maiky becomes enraged and throws coal at the pigs, giving them away. So, Red asks Maiky to join the flock, and Maiky agrees.

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